North Cyprus Visa Requirements

When traveling to a different country there will be passport and visa requirements. Always keep your visas and passports in a safe place and ready to go if needed. Gaining access to North Cyprus is easier for people who are traveling from Europe or Australia. Read more to find out about North Cyprus visa requirements.

Before traveling to North Cyprus, check to make sure your passport has been valid for at least six months and has two pages free from stamps. Depending on what country you are coming from you could be charged taxes when you leave or arrive. However, this charge could be added on to your plane ticket. If you have any questions call the airline to double check. If you are travelling from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States or the UK then a visa is not required for visits that are less than 90 days. As long as your stay is less than three months you are visiting on a travel visa.

If you are travelling from South Africa then a visa is required. Check with your local embassy if you are not sure of the visa requirements.  Turkish citizens also do not need a visa when entering North Cyprus as well as members of the European Union, Japan, Iceland, Mexico and Israel. If you do not want your passport stamped then you can opt to have a visa paper stamped and placed inside your passport for the duration of the trip.

If you are staying for more than 90 days then you need to fill out a residency permit at the Immigration Office in North Cyprus. For those who are moving to North Cyprus for work you need to complete and submit a work permit, preferably before you move to the island. You can also get a multiple-entry visa if you travel to North Cyprus for business many times throughout the year.

North Cyprus Visa on Arrival

After landing in the Ercan Airport in North Cyprus you will have to fill out a white visa paper with your name, nationality and passport number. If you do not wish to fill out the visa paper then your passport will be stamped. Your passport must be valid in order to gain access to the island. North Cyprus visa requirements are straightforward and easy to find. You can go online to your country’s embassy’s website or look for North Cyprus’ embassy website.

North Cyprus visa requirements are less strict than they used to be. If you are not sure of the visa requirements call your local embassy to double check. Make sure all of your travel documents and papers are in order before travelling to North Cyprus.

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