Danish Design

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There are many different designs and architectures, Danish design was developed around the mid 20th century. Combining a functionality and simplicity of design with the new technologies many furniture and other items were created. Perhaps the most popular examples of the Danish design are the PH lamp and the egg chair. Throughout the years there have been not one or two but countless different designers who have designed both artifacts and architecture in this style.

Danish Furniture

The furniture is an essential part of how a specific room or the entire house is decorated. There are numerous different designs and types of furniture to choose from and one such design is the Danish design. This type of design originally dates back to the 20th century however apart from the classic designs there a lot of contemporary designs and styles also available. Another great feature is that there are many designers that design the furniture with the numerous needs of customers in mind such as furniture for homes and offices alike. Danish teak furniture is uniquely styled furniture that offers a smart look to any room.

Teak furniture is designed in a modern style keeping in mind the style introduced by Danish craftsmen from the 1950’s. The furniture designed and made in Denmark is also known as Scandinavian designed furniture and is very popular and admired worldwide. This elegant furniture is designed and crafted with fine materials and outstanding manufacturing techniques. Teak is a type of wood that does not need to be painted or lacquered as the natural finish of the wood is beautiful and durable itself.

The Danish design furniture is available for both homes and offices. There is a wide variety of items available for office use especially made in teak. There are bookcases, cabinets and desks that can be used both in offices and in studies or in homes. Apart from file cabinets, conference tables and office hutches there are numerous small office accessories that are also available in exceptional designs. Items such as magazine racks, keyboard extensions and pencil trays are just some examples of the items available for offices.

The variety of furniture available for homes is much vaster since there are a number of different rooms that need to be decorated and set accordingly. The bedroom alone may require a lot of different items such as the bed, side tables, dressers, coffee tables and other small other items. The living room requires sofas, recliners, nesting tables and chairs. The entire house needs diverse things and the style should be unique for each room. The Danish design of furniture is quite old yet with a modern touch by designers the classic and contemporary designs can be combined together to create extraordinary furniture,

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