Danish Teak

Want to learn more about Danish teak? Read our guide for facts and info on Danish teak and the various products made using this special type of wood…

Danish teakwood furniture is renowned world over for its high quality construction and beautiful designs. The use of teak is extremely popular in Danish furniture. Teak is actually a type of tree that is grown locally in Asia. However its use in the construction of furniture is popular all over the world.

In fact teak has been in use since many centuries and for versatile purposes. The biggest benefit of the wood is its durability which is why antique pieces of furniture made using this particular type of wood are still in good condition today. Archaeologists have also been able to find that the bulk of early ships were also made using teak wood.

Another unique aspect of Danish teak furniture is the natural golden brown color of the timber that comes across on the various furniture articles. The fact that it is resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions has made it an extremely popular choice for outdoor furniture. However a large variety of craftsmen also make use of teak to produce indoor furniture as well. In older houses teak was used to create the columns and beams of houses as well as wooden frames for windows. Similarly it is used for indoor flooring and as veneer. This versatility of teak wood is what makes it extremely valuable.

Danish teak furniture really picked up in popularity during the1950s and 1960s. This was the time when the trend of Danish modern furniture started flowering. Many great artists like Finn Juhl made significant contributions in the promotion of Danish teak furniture. His works from the 1950s can still be seen being sold at auctions all over the world. The fact that teak furniture can stand the test of time is one of its most remarkable qualities and this has got to be the reason why many of the furniture articles produced back in the 1950s are now classics worth acquiring. Teak does not shrink nor does it crack because of weathering. It is rich with the natural oil that prevents it from deteriorating over time and helps in the preservation of the furniture. Hence not only is the Danish teak furniture durable it is also easy to maintain and does not require much work from the owner.

Perhaps the only downside of the Danish teak furniture is the heavy price tag that you have to pay to acquire these items. However you will definitely find them to be worth investing in as they are classic works of art that are bound to last you a lifetime.

You will be able to find a wide variety of Danish teak wood furniture available on the Internet. There are many furniture manufacturers that solely specialize in producing teak wood furniture according to the Danish traditional style. Hence getting your hands on the furniture articles of your choice will not be a problem in today’s times. You can also search for auction websites to look for classic pieces of Danish teak furniture.

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