Danish Oil

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Danish oil is an easy-wipe, light oil finish for all types of woods. Made from Tung oil using a special formulation, it also goes by the name of Chinese wood oil and linseed oil. It is a hard finish-drying oil which gives the wood a tough and water resistant surface.
Danish oil is an extract derived from nuts which are grown on trees mainly in China along with some specific regions of South America.
Danish oil is first processed and then blended together with synthetic resins. A number of different vegetable oils are also added to make a hard texture. Driers and other solvents are also added for better application, use and performance.


Danish oil can be used on all interior or exterior wooden surfaces such as; doors, cabinets, dresses, cladding, garden and indoor furniture, windows etc. Since it is a hard drying oil, it can be used as a sealer or primer on bare wood. This can be done before applying other oils or finishes. It can also be coated with varnish or paint.


Danish oil gives a satin finish to the wood. It is applied over a course of 3 coats by a brush, cloth or a rag; leaving around 6-24 hrs between coats depending on the mixture being used and the wood being treated. For a perfect finish, apply the last coat of Danish oil with a fine steel wool or a scourer such as ‘scotch brite’ over the surface, then wipe off with a soft cloth. This ensures the wood surface will be free from nibs or visible impurities and gives a silky smooth finish.

Danish oil can be applied to woods that have been treated with another oil, provided the surface is clean and clear. The finish is maintained by re-oiling whenever required after the surface has been cleaned with a mild detergent liquid, rinsed and dried. Exterior wood may require more frequent re-oiling. For more durability on exterior wood, Danish oil can be diluted with equal parts of white spirit for the initial application and then 3 concentrated oil coats should be applied (using pure Danish oil).


Danish oil brings out the beauty of all types of timber and gives a soft and lustrous finish. Danish oil needs no particular skill to be applied with; it can be applied with a brush or a cloth. The special ingredients used in manufacturing Danish Oil absorb into different kinds of timber and dry to a hard and durable as well as water resistant seal. At the same time you will not find a thick film on its surface which would otherwise chip, peel or craze the likes of varnishing.

The oil dries in about 4 to 6 hours, depending on the humidity and temperature, this in effect produces a surface that is non-tacky. It does not pick up dust onto itself as a wood treated with another oil would.

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