Italian Greyhound Rescue

Thinking about getting an Italian greyhound for a pet? Why not get your dog from a pet rescue center? These greyhounds need affection as much as anyone else and they can make great pets too. Read our information guide for more…

We would like to welcome you to our general information page regarding Italian Greyhounds and how to join us in the rescuing mission of this breed. Italian Greyhounds (IGs) are wonderful pets and would make a great companion for you if you are interested in buying one for you and for your family.

Italian Greyhound Rescue Centers

Rescue centers desire to educate the public about the desirability of adopting Italian Greyhounds as companions and family pets in their houses at a wider level. They encourage facilitating and placing Italian Greyhounds in loving, responsible homes to ensure their good life quality. Dog rescue homes are there to provide continuing educational support to the Italian Greyhound owning family after placement to ensure a successful adoption and happiness for both the parties. We always welcome the support and encourage an active, organized volunteer base of IG lovers who share the passion and vision of finding loving and responsible homes for IG’s to live out their natural lives thereafter. Rescue centers also try to connect with other groups and people who assist and adopt IG’s to promote adoption worldwide.

We put our best efforts to make sure to provide you with the best of our services and to provide our dogs with the best caregivers. Remember this could be a burden of responsibility financially and emotionally despite being a bundle of joy. We would encourage you to do your homework before adopting a dog. Once you have adopted, it is your responsibility but rescue centers are always there to provide you with assistance that is needed anytime for your guidance.

If you train your dog properly at an early age it would be a matter of pride for you and thus for the whole family as well.
If your homework is finished, you have gone through the books, internet and still are interested you should contact your local dog rescue center to provide you assistance in the whole process to make the best decision.
We appreciate your initiative in increasing the awareness and education to the public to adopt this breed and share in this spiritual work to save this creature by providing them with shelter.

These delightful little dogs enjoy nothing better than the lap of their owner or a ray of sunshine to relax in, but they also enjoy running just to be with you. Sometimes as per their nature they seem timid with strangers, preferring to take time getting to know the individual. However, as the owner it would be your responsibility to train them and make them socialize as much as possible. The Italian Greyhound is an animal that is definitely elegant, intelligent, and full of character and a pleasure to own.

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