Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Want to buy Egyptian cotton bath towels? Read on for facts and info on cotton grown in the fields of Egypt and what makes an Egyptian cotton bath towel special…

When it comes to bath towels nothing compares with the kind of plush softness and durability that Egyptian cotton bath towels have to offer. The popularity of bath towels made out of Egyptian cotton has soared in recent years. There are a number of reasons that have contributed to the success of these products

Traditionally it was believed that all cotton was more or less the same and the only thing that made the difference was in the thread count. However this is not the criteria of judgment anymore. If you analyze the consumer guidelines regarding cotton –based products you will find that Egyptian cotton is highly rated especially for bath towels.
But what is it that makes Egyptian cotton special? Egyptian cotton is commonly used to create towels and bedding of all kinds. Egyptian grown cotton has relatively longer fibers which is an indication of the fact that the cloth is actually made up of long staples of continuous fiber. This is considered to be very beneficial when it comes to creating yarns and threads out of cotton. Egyptian cotton yarn is relatively smaller in diameter when compared to other conventional cotton yarns. However it has been tested to be far stronger. This is because in a smaller yarn there are more threads per square inch when compared to larger yarns and this is what creates a far stronger fabric. While the yarn produced by Egyptian cotton is stronger it is also more breathable and light weight which are exactly the kind of qualities you want in bath towels.

Since there are more threads per inch this automatically means that the thread count on the bath towels created using this cotton will be much higher. Although the high thread count does factor in when it comes to gauging the value of cotton fabric but it is not the only thing that needs to be taken into consideration.

When it comes to Egyptian cotton the higher the level of the thread count the stronger the fabric will be. This is why you will find the Egyptian cotton Bath towel have the potential to last for many years. If you provide it with the kind of care that it requires then bath towels made using Egyptian cotton can last you for over a decade.
In terms of touch Egyptian cotton bath towels will have a rougher texture especially when they are brand-new. However as they go into washing you will find that the cotton becomes extremely soft and comfortable against the skin. Unlike conventional cotton which loses its quality with every wash, Egyptian cotton actually graces with age as the fibers get softer and make the bath towels cuddlier.

Another thing that adds value to Egyptian cotton is the fact that it produces significantly less lint which consequently means that your towels will not pill through repeated washings as the majority of other materials to.

If you were to purchase Egyptian cotton products a couple of decades ago you would have to spend a considerable amount of money to acquire them. However in recent years Egyptian cotton bath towels have become much cheaper and hence far more affordable.

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