Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Want to buy Egyptian cotton bed sheets? Read on to select High thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets that are durable and luxurious…

For high-quality luxury in bed linen, look for Egyptian cotton bed sheets with high thread count. With the attempt to create luxurious and long lasting fabric for bed linen the thread counts have reached amazing highs which now range from 180 units to 1500 units. The main reason for the popularity of a high thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets is mainly the fact that it makes it extremely soft and supple. However with the changing dynamics in the fabric manufacturing you cannot simply select good bed sheet based on the thread count alone.

Thread count basically refers to the number of threads in every square inch of the fabric. To check out what the thread count in your bed sheet you will require a microscope and a cutout piece of one square inch of the fabric. You can then analyze the tiny threads in the sheet. Most professional textile manufacturers actually check the fabrics through an expensive process in laboratories.

Common Facts About Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

The twisted thread looks like the cords of a rope and it is woven to achieve a high thread count. What is more important however in creating a good bed sheet is the length of the fiber rather than the thread count. The size of the thread actually decreases when the thread count increases. When you know the basic fabric terminology then it is easy to select the right cotton bed sheets because you can translate the terms like thread size, twist of the thread, the ply which can be single, multiple, two or three in number.

The thickness of the thread actually results in creating the weight of the fabric but thicker fabric can be created by twisting the thread which can be done by wrapping two threads around a single rope of fiber. This is what makes the ply in the bed sheet.

Selecting High Quality Bed Sheets

The best bet in selecting a good quality Egyptian bed sheet is to go for the single ply fabric. This is approximately a fabric with the thread count of 500 – 600.

Price for High Thread Count in Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The common assumption is that a good 500 thread count cotton sheet is luxurious so based on that aspect a 1500 thread count cotton sheet must be thrice as luxurious. However, if you are a common observer you would not actually be able to tell the difference in either fabric because they feel the same. In fact you can only notice the difference if the manufacturer is independent for two bed sheets.

Therefore a company which utilizes high quality of cotton and good manufacturing procedures will be able to manufacture a 300 thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheet which is more durable and feels better than that of a company that utilizes low-grade fiber but has a thread count of 500 on the bed sheet. It’s always better to invest in good quality linen because it will last you for years to come and in this regards Egyptian cotton is highly valued and wears well with time.

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