Egyptian Kitten Names

Interested in Egyptian kitten names? Read on for a comprehensive list of kitten names from ancient Egyptian mythology and find out about the meaning of each Egyptian kitten name…

Cats were amongst those animals that the ancient Egyptians held in high reverence. In fact this particular creature was also worshiped in the form of a deity. This is the reason why you will be able to find a large selection of Egyptian kitten names that are primarily inspired by such deities from various regions of Egypt.

Some of the most popular Egyptian kitten names are as follows:


This is the name of a deity that was depicted in the form of a cat. She was believed to be the goddess of the land of the West. In Egyptian mythological terminology the land of the West actually refers to your destination after death. The Egyptians believed that this particular goddess resided high up on the tree that was situated adjacent to the World Gates. It was through these gates that you could enter the land of the West. Amenti was also characterized by her beautiful long hair which is what makes it a suitable name for a long-haired cat that is fond of climbing trees.


This particular ancient Egyptian name is well-suited for a black male cat. Anubis is best remembered as the deity of burial customs and was often depicted having a jackal’s head. The Egyptians considered Anubis to be the protector of the dead as well as the one responsible for judging the souls and governing the underworld.


This is yet another popular name for kittens derived from ancient Egyptian mythology. The name belongs to the ram god known for his wisdom and levelheadedness. It was the responsibility of this particular deity to mediate between feuds that would arise between different deities. This name is best suited in situations where you have more than one cats and one of them distinctly comes out as the peacekeeper.


This is a short name that will be easily recognizable by your pet kitten. It is best suited for a male kitten of a small stature and plenty of fur. This is because the name belonged to a deity that was depicted as a plump and hairy midget. The deity was characterized by bug eyes and a tongue that would always be hanging out. It is quite likely for your kitten to be matching this description which makes it an ideal name in that case.


Pronounced as the English word “happy”, this name originally belonged to another oversized deity from ancient Egyptian mythology. Hapi was the name of the Nile god. Although it was a male God it looked almost feminine because of its physique. He is often depicted carrying a large plate of food with the intent of devouring it. This obviously makes it a great name for an oversized kitten with a passion for eating.

Above mentioned are just some of the interesting examples from the exhaustive list of Egyptian kitten names derived from ancient mythological characters that have been discovered from historical records of successive Egyptian dynasties.


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