Italian Suits

Today the popularity of Italian suits has reached new heights. Find out how Italian suits have managed to establish themselves on a global scale as the best in men’s clothing.

The Italian suit is a not just a symbol of manhood rather it is a symbol of a classy man. Whether you are going to be attending a wedding, dinner or your everyday business Italian suits can do wonders for your appearance. Today the suit is the official dress of people employed in the corporate sector. Presentation matters out there in the corporate world and Italian suits offer the corporate employee a sharp look. Irrespective of your purpose for getting an Italian suit there are certain things about the suit that will always be the same. First up is the cut of the suit. It is generally presumed that the better the cut the better the individual.

Along with being a symbol of class Italian suits are a symbol of quality when it comes to men’s tailoring. The wearer of Italian suits is instantly recognized as a person who has good taste and knows how to dress. Today Italian suits are popular in all forms and fits across the globe. There was a time however when not many people had heard of or seen an Italian suit except for those confined within the boundaries of the country. There are a number of factors that led to the popularity of the Italian suit and it has traveled a long journey to reach to the established position it is in today.

History of the Italian suit

The popularity of Italian suits is directly linked to the emergence of the textile school that opened up in Italy in 1910. The emergence of the textile school gave rise to the development of a textile factory in the region of Trivero over the next couple of decades. From here onwards started the production of some of the best and most unique cuts available in men’s suiting. To make these suits available to the general public a number of shops were opened which also established a good name for themselves in society. The Italian suit was well respected in the 30’s and from here onwards it generated a snow ball effect to reach world wide popularity.

The main thing that differentiates Italian suits from other men’s suiting is that they are especially handmade. The knowledge of tailoring these suits has a long tradition behind them and has been handed down through generations. This is why you will find that most of the tailoring shops that exist even till today are family owned businesses who aim to maintain the integrity of the craftsmanship of these suits. Many businesses have their own secrets to tailoring the Italian suits and these secrets are actually well kept from their competitors.

Not only are the Italian suits sewn out of the best quality material another striking quality of the suits is that they hide the flaws of the body for anyone who gets them made. They are tailored in a way that they compliment the body shape of the wearer and fall in perfectly proportioned to his appearance. The uniqueness of Italian suits is in the fact that they are made to conceal the faults of the wearer and flatter his good points at the same time. These are the things that have established Italian suits as the best of men’s clothing all over the world.

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