Egyptian Musk

Want to buy Egyptian musk? Read on for facts and info on how you can get hold of some authentic Egyptian musk oil fragrance…

The Egyptian musk is regarded as being the most popular fragrance of all time. This exotic scent has been in use since thousands of years and continues to soar in terms of popularity even today.

Originating from the sands of Egypt, the Egyptian musk oil has been worn by personalities such as Cleopatra in history. Today you will be able to find a wide variety of Egyptian musk fragrances out there in the market. These are produced by designer labels and marketed throughout the world. However on the flipside you can even create your own Egyptian musk fragrance following a few simple guidelines

Making your own Egyptian musk oil fragrance is a cost effective alternative to acquiring a designer label product or importing the original scent from the sands of Egypt. Furthermore by making your own scent you can add a personal twist to this exotic smell. Not only is Egyptian musk an excellence fragrance but it is also one of the best massage oils that you will be able to find out there.

How to Make Your Own Egyptian Musk Oil Fragrance

Start off by getting hold of a generous sized jar which you will clean and then dry it thoroughly. Following this you need to combine all the dry ingredients into a bowl. This includes the dried patchouli leaves and the wilted rose petals. Pour the mixture into the jar leaving about half an inch from the top while adding the right rosebuds. Next you need to pour the base oil over the mixture in the jar.

In order to create the Egyptian musk you will need to get your hands on some vitamin E. softgel. You will need to cut the vitamin E. softgel using scissors and releasing the liquid into the jar. Once the liquid has been released you can dispose of the gel cap.

The next step is to take a large pot and fill it with hot tap water. Place the jar with the contents inside the hot water. Leave it to be until the water cools down and then remove the jar and shake once again. Your Egyptian musk oil will not be ready for the next 30 days. In this time period you need to store the jar at a warm place and continue to shake it a few times a day until the 30 days are over.

Meanwhile you can prepare a decorative bottle for your Egyptian musk oil. For this you will need a bottle and a plastic funnel. In order to smoothly pour the liquid into your decorative bottle you should place a cheesecloth lining inside the funnel. When the 30 days are up give your jar a final shake and slowly pour the oil into the decorative bottle. Lastly you need to place all the squeezed leaves and petals of the plate and any of the remaining contents in the bottle.


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