Yugioh Egyptian God Cards

Want to buy Yugioh Egyptian God Cards? Read on for these unique collectible cards released as promotional items for videogame enthusiasts…

Yugioh is the name of a series of cards that are based upon Egyptian gods. This series is also known by the name of “Three Phantom Gods” in Japan. They were created as promotional cards for video games in Japan.

History of Yugioh God Cards

Maximilian Pegasus is the man credited for developing the idea for the Egyptian god cards. As the name suggests they take inspiration from ancient Egyptian mythology which consists of many powerful characters that are depicted in the form of these cards. The Yugioh cards basically feature three divine ancient Egyptian beasts. They have a strong association with the millennium puzzle which is a stone tablet that is believed to be etched with historical records of a nameless Pharaoh.

Legend has it that during the development process of the Yugioh God cards, Pegasus along with his working team were attacked by the forces of Egyptian gods. Having experienced this unique phenomenon all those involved in the project decided to opt out of it and Pegasus was left all alone to pursue his dream.

Pegasus had the millennium card to protect him from the god monsters. On having finished the prototypes for the final god cards Pegasus claimed that he was having nightmares where in which the artwork of the beasts on the cards were attacking him. Shadi, the close friend of Pegasus informed him that his practice of making these cards had actually earned the wrath of Egyptian gods. When Pegasus awakened from his dream he saw himself to be injured in reality.

This otherworldly experience left Pegasus wondering about the power vested in these cards. Eventually he decided that it would be too dangerous to mass produce these cards and called upon Ishizu to bury all the prototype cards that had been developed up to now. The cards were buried in the tomb of the Pharaoh.

Any righteous individual that can acquire these great cards is assigned the title of Duel King. However if these cards fall into the wrong hands they can cause serious injury and in some cases they even lead to the death of the individual.

The Three Phantom Gods

The three Phantom gods featured on these cards include the Slifer, who is the sky Dragon also known as the sky Dragon of Osiris. The second character is obelisk the tormentor. This Phantom god is also known as the giant God soldier of obelisk. The third front of God is the winged Dragon of Ra.

The release of the Yugioh Egyptian God Cards

The cards were originally released to serve as promotional products for GameBoy worldwide edition promos. During the initial period of the release they became a collectible commodity. Later on however they were being used in duels although Konami, the company responsible for issuing these cards did not officially allow the use of these cards in such a manner. Henceforth a ban on the use of these cards was officially issued and they remain as collectors cards only.
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