Italian Greyhounds for Sale

Want to buy an Italian greyhound? Looking for places that have these puppies for sale? Our guide gives you the insider information & facts on purchasing an Italian greyhound that you should know BEFORE you go any further.

A life time companionship is what you are looking for when you buy a dog. It is wise to be clear about every aspect of your decision before you finalize anything. It is recommended to undertake extensive research to decide upon the breed of dog, as there is a huge choice of breeds. One excellent choice, if you have older children and are a kind and patient person is the Italian Grey hound.

Buying Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhounds are beautiful dogs. Italian Greyhound puppies belong to the toy breed, having a weight of 7-14 lbs and can be 13-15 inches tall. The Italian Greyhound has a wonderfully attractive coat that consists of short and fine hair. This breed looks like a smaller version of the greyhound and has the same basic coat texture and shine. Coat colors are usually, but not always, cream, fawn, blue or black. Italian Greyhounds make wonderful companions, especially for a family. This particular breed of dog is very lively and active so he should require vigorous exercise daily.

Italian Greyhound Breeders

Buying an Italian grey hound is a two way process. You have to find a good breeder to buy a healthy dog and in turn the breeder has to find a nice and safe home for his puppies. You should be able to find a good breeder easily, if you follow the guidelines mentioned below. A good breeder:

• Keeps her dogs in the home and as part of the family–not outside in kennel runs.
• Has healthy, happy dogs, who are happy to see strangers
• Has a confident dog, not timid ones.
• Has vaccinated all dogs properly and on time. Has wormed them as well.
• Keeps dogs in a clean and well maintained area.
• Encourages you to spend time with the puppy’s parents
• Has a strong relationship with a local veterinarian and shows you the records of veterinary visits.
• Knows the breed standards well.
• Provides you with guidance for proper care of your dog.
• Feeds high quality food.
• Lets you and your family get friendly with your prospective pet over a number of visits.
Owner Responsibilities
A good breeder also judges the buyers carefully before selling his dogs. He would like to know:
• Why you want the dog
• Who will be responsible for the dog’s daily care
• Provide proof from your landlord that you are allowed to keep dogs.
• Sign a contract to make sure you know all your responsibilities.

Italian Greyhound Prices

The prices of Italian greyhounds start roughly from $500 and go up to around $1000. The price depends on the size, health and pure breed of the dog.

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