French Country Curtains

Interested in French country curtains? Read on for facts and info on this highly elegant style of curtains…

A charming window treatment is all that is needed to change an uninviting or barren looking window into a classy eye catcher. With a little special care, you can change an everyday window to a dramatic piece that adds finishing to the room and pleases the eyes. With the right treatment you can make your window the focal point of the room or a lovely backdrop with French country curtains to show off your furniture.

When considering handsome treatments for windows, French Country Curtains come to mind immediately. These provide a suitable option if you are looking for a rich window treatment which has depth in color and texture. The gorgeous French Country Curtains are usually printed in tones of yellow, pink, purple or green in muted colors and they aim to bring the beauty and gorgeous colors of natural French Countryside into the home.

French Country Curtain Themes

There are a plethora of French country curtains available at leading drapery makers and feature two main aspects of country life – fruit and flowers. The French admire and adore these two natural aspects of French country life and incorporate them into various pieces of upholstery, furniture, crockery and of course French country curtains.

The customized French country curtains usually feature images of fruits and flowers like plump and round lemons or delicate and soft lilacs; the floral and fruit motifs are abundant in French décor.

Lace is also frequently incorporated into French country curtain window coverings and blinds. The intricate patterns lend an airy feel to any window and reflect calm and peace allowing you to relax in the room. The ivory or white tones lend a feminine touch to a room and contrast very well with sturdy and dark toned wood furniture. The strong, dominant wooden furniture is aesthetically balanced out by the fleeting and delicate lace.

The French country curtains usually comprise of a thick drape off set by a decorative valence. It is the crowning glory of any formal window treatment and allows you to dress up a formal area. Window blinds are rare in French window treatments with a preference leaning to curtains and thick drapes. This is mainly because the blinds are horizontal and while they may block the sun, they do not give much room for decoration.

French Country Curtain Designs

The French country curtains feature the toile quite often. This is a technique of design wherein a small slice of life is depicted in a scene and repeated in small tiles across the fabric. The most common usage of Toile is in children’s rooms as it offers a whimsical air to the window and allows you to create a fanciful ambience in the tot’s room.

In order to exude light and an airy feel into a room, you can incorporate the use of soft sheers and tailored drapes and curtains that lend charm and softness to a room. Make sure that they gently fold on the floor and exude luxury in their flowing extra length. Finish off the French country curtains with decorative tiebacks, swags and valances to complete the curtains and give them a polished look.



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