French Door Mats

French door mats are extra-wide double door mats crafted from durable materials in matching colors and patterns to suit the style and width of French doorways. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Door mats can be a part of the home décor, apart from serving their prime purpose of preventing dirt and debris tracking the interiors. They are adorned with various patterns, logos or characters, and other personalized designs. Internal mats and external mats are designed differently to withstand indoor and outdoor use respectively. Front entranceways are generally adorned with a decorative door mat and potted plants alongside.

Entrance Mats

French doorways are mostly wider than standard doorways as they have to accommodate two doors that swing open on either side. Hence, double door mats form a viable option to span the whole length of the threshold. Thicker mats provide better cushioning and last longer. The length of a typical door mat is at least 80 percent of the width of the doorway. Modern manufacturing methods allow for sealed edges and sharp lines that are aesthetically pleasant. Densely woven coir mats with French inspired designs impart a graceful look to the doorway. Coir bristles are efficient in capturing dirt as well as moisture.

Aesthetics and Performance

Double door mats are not always bland as many people assume, as they are manufactured in many decorative styles. The extra width of French door mats provides a wider scope for patterns and messages, allowing better customization. They ensure that the entrance is slip-free when residents or guests enter the home. Scraper mats facilitate traction on their surfaces, which allows for hassle-free removal of debris from footwear. Exterior mats are generally manufactured from highly durable materials, as they have to withstand the vigorous brushing of footwear while people are entering the home. Maintenance is also an important aspect. Depending on the type of material used they can be vacuum cleaned, washed, brushed or just shaken, in order to remove dust and debris.

Selecting door mats for French doorways

Door mats are not just throw rugs as they must be selected according to their place of use, such as indoor and outdoor mats, and their performance requirements. The selection also depends on the climate and the amount of traffic it has to withstand. French doorways usually open out to gardens and patios and hence, the mat must protect the indoors from dirt tracked across the entire width of the double door. Door mats come in a variety of materials, such as wood, aluminum, nylon, rubber and coir. Weather-resistance is also a vital requirement for exterior mats as they have to endure changing weather conditions.

French door mats are mostly placed in entranceways that have high foot-traffic. Hence, they provide the best protection for indoor floorings, particularly carpets, by shielding the interior from dirt and debris.

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