French Door Mirrors

French door mirrors are handsome additions to contemporary interiors, and serve as an inexpensive means to brighten up any room. Read our guide for more facts and information…

French doors were originally designed to provide natural lighting for the interiors, as the door panels have multiple windows in order to let in sunshine.  Apart from the casement structure, French doors are known for their paired construction, which allows for better utilization of space.  The beauty and utility of this traditional design has crept into every area of modern door designs, whether it is for garden doors or cabinet doors. French door mirrors are setting the trend as modern design elements.

French Door Mirrors

Though widely used as entry doors that open to the outdoors, French doors are also used inside homes as separations between certain rooms, such as the drawing room and the library. Use of mirrors on such partitions can make the space brighter and bigger. Similarly, small bedrooms can be opened up with mirrored wardrobe doors. Mirror accentuations provide the best interior designs that score high, with respect to style as well as utility. Mirrors are mounted on traditional hinged doors as well as modern sliding doors. They are adorned on the door with or without frames depending on the design requirements.

Mirrors for Cabinets and Armoires

Traditional armoires are typical examples of French style furniture, exuding the flamboyant dual-door design. Integration of mirrors in these doors enhances the traditional charm of bedrooms, where they are widely used as storage spaces. Similarly, closets and cabinets, whether they are built into walls or free-standing models, are adorned with mirrors to bring a good deal of difference to the room. This feature also eliminates the need for a separate dressing mirror in small bedrooms. Full length door mirrors not only serve the purpose of a looking glass but also complement the design features in the room.

Design Options

While installing mirrored doors, it is important to choose the right frame that suits the cabinet, wardrobe or interior door. Wood-framed mirrored doors exude the old-world charm that is unique to French doors. It is particularly of interest for those who admire traditional architectural elements. Dark wooden frames give a classy look, while stained and painted frames are also suitable for certain interiors. Mirrors and frosted glass designs can be combined to create exclusive effects that suit contemporary interiors.  French door mirrors can also be decorated with elaborate floral patterns around the border using etching techniques or frosted glass sprays.

Mirrors are probably the best ways to open up small spaces, as they can reflect space and render visual spaciousness. French door mirrors go a step further to increase the utility of the door as well as the room.

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