French Tip Fake Nails With Design

Want to learn more about French tip fake nails with design? Read our guide for facts and info on this unique trend…

French tip fake nails with design are the latest trend with fashion conscious ladies. These acrylic nails are available in a variety of designs and colors and the sizes are custom-made to fit every woman’s taste.

These acrylic nails provide another option for women to dress up for special occasions or simply show off groomed nails. With the ease of application and advantage of lengthening and strengthening short or weak nails you can actually create the perfect 10 on your hand.

If you want to get rid of a bad habit like nail biting, then acrylic nails offer the perfect cure as you can nibble on them when you are stressed out but eventually you will lose the habit because they do not feel the same as natural nails.

If your nails are very weak and brittle then you can add finesse and strength to your fingertips with the use of acrylic nails. However, why not go little extra and get French tip fake nails with design and jazz up your personal grooming routine.

French Tip Fake Nails Caretaking

You should ensure that you can care for them like you would care for your natural nails. Do not keep them in water for a long time as the moisture can get trapped between your natural nails and acrylic plate, creating a perfect ground for fungus or an infection. To maintain French tip fake nails with design make sure you wear rubber gloves during housework.

French Tip Fake Nails with Design Options

When choosing a design for your French tip fake nails, you can choose something basic like flowers or stars to complement your daily wardrobe. Or if you are an adventurous and flirtatious person maybe you can go for  hearts, dolphins or even teddy bears, as there is a variety of design options to suit every taste.

You can even get sparklers embedded into your acrylic nails to make them shine like diamonds. There is also an option of piercing the artificial nail to add jewelry to your fingertips. For French tip fake nails with design nail art is another beautiful option.

You can get various nail adornments and drawings to highlight your nails. From geometric patterns, stencils, glitter, the quintessential French manicure and the dots or stickers, there is a wide array of items that can be glued to your nails to add a touch of fun, class or glamour.

You can add a touch of glamour with glitter nails, 3D nails, jewelry, rhinestones, stencils or even a marbling effect with the use of almost three colors! Acrylic nail art is now a skill in the fashion industry and stands out on its own.

French Tip Fake Nails Polished Look

For women who are well groomed but suffer from yellow, weak or splitting nails, you can use acrylic nails to finish off your polished look with an astounding impact on your confidence level and look! You simply paste on the acrylic nail with the French tip and design onto your natural nail. However, you need to take good care of the nails as moisture trapped between your nail and the plastic can cause fungus, infection or other nail diseases.

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