Paxman Double French Horns

Paxman is a huge name when it comes to double French horns. We’ll help you find the one that suits your needs. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Harry Paxman is the name behind the renowned company, Paxman Musical Instruments Limited. The company has been manufacturing horns since 1945 and over the years they have emerged among the market leaders.

Paxman Limited has invested a lot of time in research and development which has brought the company into the limelight. They are constantly involved in trying to maintain their reputation as the leaders of horn manufacturers. This is why they emphasize a lot on customer service. Their innovation schemes make use of the opinions, criticisms and comments of their users.

Every Paxman horn is assembled with great care and is checked before being dispatched to ensure that it meets the standards set by the company. Specifically for double French horns, Paxman Limited has classified the lines available in the market based on beginner, intermediate and professional level.

Currently they do not have any double horns for beginners yet have an extensive range of French horns for the intermediate and professional level players.

Latest Collection

Their latest collection is the Paxman series 5 which includes professional level horns, part of the popular range of Paxman primo and academy horns.

The previous collection, Series 4 was launched at the end of 2008 and was a huge success. This gave the company a reason to go ahead and produce professional instruments.

The Series 5 double French horn is based on the Paxman Model 20 which was made in UK. Both the models come with Bb tuning slides.

The Series 5 French horn has a detachable bell similar to the Paxman medium bell. It comes in yellow brass while the valves have nickel silver casing. Further included is a hand guard, water key, professional valve section, a lead pipe and a mouthpiece guard.

The horn plays a rich warm sound which is projects very well and so the horn can be played in a concert hall easily.Since this model is part of the latest collection, you can easily have a test play of the French horn in the company’s showroom before you purchase it.

Paxman Limited also has many other lines of French horns. You can also purchase second hand horns for a lower price. They following are some popular models.

Paxman 21

This model is a double French horn and it comes in nickel silver. The horn has a large bore, lacquered finish, brass rotors and is available with a detachable bell. This model is recommended for those who want a big sound. It exemplifies how well a large full double horn plays. It can be bought for £ 3600.

Paxman 23

This model has similar features to the Paxman 21 except that it has a fixed bell and comes with titanium rotors. It is a horn that works perfectly for all gatherings be it the quietest or the loudest. This model is available for £ 5100.

Paxman Limited offers a two year warranty on all of their new musical instruments. However this will not cover any accidental damage or wearing off lacquer finish.

Paxman horns are chosen by many due to their reputation and quality yet it is a good idea to test the horn in the showroom before you purchase to get a feel of the horn.

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