Reed & Barton French Renaissance

Did you always want to invest in authentic Reed and Barton French Renaissance silver ware? Have you been wondering about what makes Reed and Barton French renaissance line so popular? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Reed and Barton French Renaissance is a very popular line of high end silverware designed with floral or leaf motifs. The designs are inspired by the work of renaissance artists in France. Reed and Taylor is famed for its classy and sophisticated line of silverware that make wonderful gift items and are an owners pride. The company operates out of Taunton Massachusetts and has been producing fine quality silver products since 1824. Their products have garnered international fame and attention particularly their silverware and their flatware made from silver-plate.

The company was originally owned by Isaac Babbitt who couldn’t make a success out of it. But the glory days of Reed and Barton commenced after Henry G. Reed and Charles E Barton took over the helms of the company that manufactures pewter and silver products. Silverware was just a part of their operations which also included supplying weapons to the Union army during the American Civil war.

The year 1928 saw the merger of Reed and Barton with Dominick and Haff and that was when the production of silverware was started in full swing. Most recently, in 1996 the rare honor of designing the medals for the summer Olympics in Atlanta was bestowed on the company. Authentic samples of the gold, silver and bronze medals made by Reed and Barton are still displayed at the Colony Historical Society Museum in Massachusetts.

It is not unusual to see the use of Reed and Barton French Renaissance silver ware in the homes of the rich and the famous. Even the silverware used in the Whitehouse comes from Reed and Barton.  The company has now separated their manufacturing and retail units. While the manufacturing unit is still housed at the original plant site in Taunton, The retail store is located in Wrentham Massachusetts and they also have an online store.

The company is a fully owned subsidy of the Reed family and apart from silverware and flatware they also manufacture other products and brands such as Miller Rogaska Crystal , a range of handmade stemware, and Reed and Barton handcrafted chests used for storing cigars, pens. The line also includes other hardware products besides chests.

They are also the exclusive importers and representatives of some popular brands such as Aynsley Fine English Bone China, a brand famous for their tableware and Belleek Fine Parian China. The Reed and Barton French Renaissance range is available on many websites online including eBay. The products are fairly expensive but their classic design makes them perfect for gifts that can be cherished as family heirlooms for years to come. If you are hosting a high class event you would definitely want Reed and Barton French Renaissance products on your table to wow your guests.

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