Toul France History

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Toul France history dates back to since before the coming of Christianity to France. Toul is a commune in France in the department of Meurthe-et-Moselle in the region of Lorraine in north east France. Toul France is situated between the towns of Nancy and Commercy. Toul is located between the Canal de la Marne au Rhin and the Moselle River. In 1999, Toul had a population of about 20,000 people scattered over 30.59 square kilometers of land.

Toul France history commences from Roman times when it was known as Tullum Leucorum. Toul was then the capital of the tribe of Leuci who were Gauls. In the 7th century, King Theuderic II of Burgundy was victorious over King Theudebert II of Austrassia. Later, Toul was annexed as a part of East Francia through the Treaty of Meersen, signed in 870 AD. The town of Toul was later annexed to France in 1552 by King Henry II.

Toul France history is replete with terrific sieges, the main one being in 1870 during the Franco-Prussian war when the town fortress was bombarded with 2,433 shells fired by 64 guns. Toul surrendered the same day. As France was at war with Germany, Toul suffered heavily for it.

During the early centuries of Christendom, Toul was the seat of the bishops of Toul which was founded in 365 AD. This ancient Roman Catholic diocese was disbanded only in 1824. Toul was a state of the Holy Roman Empire throughout that time. The diocese was part of the ecclesiastical province of the Archbishop of Trier. Toul France history is rich in religious fervor.

Stonework in Toul France

The main ancient stonework in Toul France is it’s ramparts which have fortified the town. Perhaps of Roman or Gaul origin, the ramparts are built of white stone which measure almost five meters high in some places. A magnificent cathedral with beautiful Gothic architecture stands in the town. Roman architecture is also evident in various parts of the old town. Only the wine cellars of the ancient monastery is still visible and accessible today.

Toul France history begins during the Roman period when this town was called Tullum Leucorum. Toul is a small commune with less than 30,000 people spread over 30.59 square kilometers.


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