Black German Shepherd Puppies

Looking for Black German Shepherd Puppies? Learn more about the beautiful black German Shepherd Dog or Alsatians…

Black German Shepherd puppies, also known as the Deutscher Schäferhund, originated in Germany and are very large-sized dogs. It is considered a fairly new breed of dog and dates back to just 1899. It falls in the category of the Herding group and was initially developed as a working dog for herding sheep. The characteristic traits of their intelligence, physical strength as well as ease in training have made them versatile and often they are employed as police dogs.

The black German Shepherd puppy is very stunning and imposing to look at. It is a very loyal dog with the highly protective nature making it a popular dog both as a pet and as a guard dog. Initially the dog was simply bred to retain its qualities of strength, intelligence and sharp sense of smell. However, later on the show dogs and confirmation dogs were bred for different physical traits like the color of the dog. In fact a Society was established to standardize the dog breeds prevalent in Germany. Since there is a continuous conflict on the traits which should be promoted, the society was disbanded and today we have different types of characteristics and colors among the dog.

German Shepherd Origins

The first German Shepherd dog was Horand, and hence added to the breed register of the society. He ended up being the focus of the breeding programs in order to retain the traits. He ended up as the sire of many pups but the most successful one was Hektor von Schwaben.

The German Shepard became internationally popular after World War I. The soldiers highly commemorated its function in Europe as a police and war dog. However, after World War II there was a lot of anti-German sentiment. Eventually the breed regained its popularity because of its amazing characteristics.

When choosing a black German Shepherd make sure the regulation for breeding is followed carefully. If the breed is not managed properly it can suffer from different genetic problems, which may include hip dysplasia and color paling along with resulting in missing teeth, folded ears and a weak temperament.

The black German Shepherd puppies have a fairly long muzzle, with a black nose and brown eyes of medium size. They grow up to 26 inches at the withers at adulthood and can be up to 88 pounds in weight. Ideally the maximum height should be 25 inches according to the standards set by the UK Kennel Club.

A noticeable feature on the face is the domed forehead and the square-cut of the muzzle. It has very strong jaws even as a pup and the bite is scissor like. A young puppy has a very intelligent and confident look and the ears are always perked up.

Even though they can be a variety of colors, the tan black and red black combination is the most common coat. However, all of the varieties featuring the black color have the black masks and body. The markings on the body may be a blanket color or the classic saddle style. There is also a variety which is all black and the puppies look very stunning.

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