Toluca Mexico

Going on vacation to Toluca Mexico? Want to know what there is to see and do in Toluca? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Toluca is the largest city in central Mexico and is the state capital of Mexico State. The ongoing trend of urbanization and migration from the rural areas of Mexico has seen Toluca expand in size in recent years and currently Toluca is the fifth largest city in Mexico.

Geography of Toluca

In many ways the urban make up of Toluca is similar to many other big cities, with highways, traffic jams and busy streets. However, Toluca is unusual in that it is situated at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level and is surrounded on all sides by a mountain range, the tallest mountain in which is the snow capped Nevado de Toluca.

Tourism in Toluca Mexico

Toluca is not a particularly popular tourist destination, partly because of its southerly latitude which makes it further away from the US than other cities in Mexico. Although Toluca is a vibrant city with its own history and cultural and artistic scene, there is nothing particularly of note that is considered a must see on any Mexican vacation itinerary.  There re however, some important archeological sites near the city that are worth visiting as well as a large Friday market that is well known amongst all people in Mexico. Toluca is also famous for its soccer team Deportivo Toluca which is one of the best in the Mexican soccer league.

Transport in Toluca Mexico

Getting to Toluca from the States is easy. If you are flying in then Toluca has its own international airport from which daily flights from the US arrive. The Adolfo Lopez Mateos International airport is located 10 kilometers from the center of Toluca city. Driving to Toluca is also easy as there are main highways connecting the city both to the north and south. There is also a railway station that connection to Mexico City.

Weather in Toluca Mexico

Although it is located in the south of Mexico where the weather is usually hottest, Toluca Mexico enjoys an unusually cool climate thanks to its high altitude.  Temperatures frequently drop below 0 degrees centigrade on winter evenings and are often not much higher even on summer nights. Maximum temperatures in Toluca during the summer days never exceed the high 20’s.  Toluca is also a relatively dry city with little rainfall. Often what precipitation Toluca does receive comes in the form of snow on the mountains during the winter months.

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