Irish Setter Dogs

Interested in buying an Irish Setter dog? Find out what you need to know about this beautiful breed with great hunting instincts in our information guide…
Irish setter
Irish Setter

With its flowing, silky red colored coat the Irish Setter is considered to be one of the most beautiful breeds of dog out there. Its wonderful coat of hair is nicely complemented with its soft expression, long years and a royal beating. The Irish Setters is pretty much a head turner wherever it goes.

The unique appearance of this dog is not the only appreciated quality of the breed rather this mutt has an equally impressive personality. Irish setters are known to possess a rather playful and fun loving personality.

This is the reason why it makes a terrible guard dog. It is quite likely that the dog will shower the intruder with overwhelming affection.

Mischievous yet intelligent this dog is full of surprises. It loves to please its masters but when taken on hunting trips it shows its true independent nature. It has a tendency to go its own way if it decides upon it.

Hunting Instincts

The most practically beneficial feature of this dog personality is the strong hunting instinct that it possesses. Over the years the Irish setter has become a world renowned breed that makes a great companion in the hunting field.

Training Irish Setter Puppies

Biological and temperamental development is slow. Irish setter puppies will remain puppies for quite some time. This is why many people find it difficult to train this dog.

On the contrary the Irish setter is an extremely smart dog. In many cases it can even outsmart his master. Patience is a must have when training this dog. This dog is also renowned to have great learning skills. It never forgets a lesson learnt. This is why the trainer should be loving yet firm. Harshness and cruelty are not effective when it comes to training this dog.

One of the things that make it extremely easy to take care of this dog is the fact that it is naturally clean. This makes it incredibly easy to house train the dog. The Setter quickly adapts to its surroundings and does well around people and in moving cars as well.

The Setter is not at all aggressive. Rather it announces the arrival of your guests or strangers for that matter with enthusiasm and energy. Hence if you are looking for a dog that is going to protect you from harm then this is the last of your choices.

Anyone interested in owning an Irish setter needs to provide it with ample outlets for releasing its high level of energy. It needs to have a place to run around and play so that it gets to stretch its legs and unload its energy. Failing to provide it with such facilities the dog could actually become very irritable and the energy could thus be released in a very negative and harmful manner. This of course does not mean you should let your dog go free because the Irish setter in its curiosity is bound to head over into other people’s property.

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