Irish Catholic Gifts

Interested in buying Irish gifts? Find out the different kinds of Irish gift items that you can choose from…

The gamut of Irish gifts is not just limited to tourist related merchandise. Rather you will be able to find all sorts of exquisite products ranging from traditional handicrafts to out of this world Celtic jewelry.

Engraved Irish Wedding Gifts

The Irish have many traditional items popularly used as gifts. Amongst the finest engraved Irish wedding gifts is the make up bell. This is a special engraved bell adorned with the Claddagh symbol is love, loyalty and friendship. The bell is supposed to serve as a constant reminder for the couple of their original promise. It helps to keep the couple together during difficult times. Regardless of the concept behind the bell it is an amazing piece of craftwork that is truly worth exhibiting.

Another traditional engraved Irish wedding gift is the wedding coin. The coin is yet another token of the coming together of two individuals. It features detailed relief carvings which are often accompanied by certain carvings engraved on the surface.

Irish Christmas gifts

A Claddagh Keepsake ornament is one of the all time classic Christmans gifts from Ireland. This is an intricately crafted pewter piece adorned with a green satin ribbon. This is a special gift item that has the Claddagh symbol etched upon its surface. This is something that is handed down the generations. You may also like the Claddagh ornament made using capiz shells and painted in the festive colors. Another classic Irish Christmas gift is the coat of arms ornament. This particular item serves as a sun catcher and looks truly amazing as the sun reflects off its surface. If you know some one’s lineage then you can get a customized coat of arms Christmas gift for that individual.

Irish baby Gifts

An interesting option to go for is the Celtic names for children book. This of course will only work for people of Irish origin. And you must take care of giving it to your friend before they name their child. Furthermore it is a gift that they will keep on using as long as they keep having children.

The renowned Irish ceramics manufacturing company known as Belleek produces some amazing Irish baby gifts. Take the meticulously crafted Christening cups for boys and girls. This cup feature intricate designs making them worth exhibiting. The same company produces various other baby gift items like a cup and spoon for the little ones and other such products.

Creative Irish gifts

If you are looking for out of the box Irish gifts then you might want to go for something like the “Grow your own shamrock kit”. Traditional tweed clothing is another great option that you can go for. Irish road signs are other creative gifts that you can add to your list as well. If you are looking for something gimmicky then the leprechaum costume might catch your interest.

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