Spring Break Acapulco

Taking your spring break vacation in Acapulco Mexico? Looking for an all inclusive package for spring break in Acapulco? Our guide gives you the reviews & activities you’ll want to know about.

Acapulco Spring Break

Although not as famous as Cancun, Acapulco is still a popular vacation destination for college spring break.  With its close proximity to the borders of the US, a spring break in Acapulco provides all the exotic surroundings of an overseas vacation while still being cheap enough to get to easily.

Aside from the geographical proximity to the US, there are many reasons why Acapulco and Mexico in general is a popular spring break destination. For one thing, in Mexico, 18 is considered the legal age for people to be able to do anything whereas in many states in the US it’s 21.

Acapulco Spring Break Beaches

Like other spring break destinations in Mexico, Acapulco is located near the shore which means there are plenty of beaches to enjoy while on spring break in Acapulco. The weather in Acapulco is generally warm all year round with plenty of sunshine to ensure that Acapulco is a great destination to work on your tan.

Spring Break Activities Acapulco

There are also plenty of water based activities to be enjoyed while on spring break in Acapulco.  If you are into fishing then you will not be disappointed as Acapulco is located on the shores of the north Pacific Ocean which means you can fish from shores or go out on deep sea fishing day trips. There is also snorkeling and scuba diving available in Acapulco with plenty of diving schools that can train you if you’ve never gone scuba diving before. Acapulco is also well known as a place where you can swim with the dolphins that inhabit the waters off the coast.

Acapulco night life

Acapulco has plenty of interesting things to do, however, most college students who go there for spring break like to participate in the nightlife which is world renowned. There is an entire strip of clubs that bust during the evenings until the early mornings, packed with spring break college students from the US as well as locals and other foreigners vacationing in Acapulco.

Acapulco Spring Break Hotels

While there are many hotels available to stay in at Acapulco, they do tend to get quite crowded during Spring break which means you should try making your hotel reservations ahead of time in order to ensure you get your first choice of hotel. Acapulco offers something to suit every budget by way of hotels from the swanky five star all inclusive resorts to small places frequented by back packers.


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