Hunting Canadian Goose

Want to learn more about guided Canadian Goose hunting? Read on for facts and info on guided Canada goose hunting season, licenses and outfitters…

Guided Canadian geese hunting is available from field pits, Shore blinds, over water shooting and regular blinds located in proven flyways. The high quality blinds are constructed and designed to maximize comfort, safety and provide for easy shooting. In fact most of the blinds are equipped with heaters for the cold weather and you can hunt straight through the winter season. The advantage of guided Canada goose hunting is that you can enjoy hunting on private farms where the concentration of geese and waterfowl is quite high and they travel from the marshes and river to surrounding grain fields. There are a variety of ducks, goose and waterfowl that flock the North Eastern seaboard of Canada and North America. Perhaps this region is home to the largest variety of migratory birds including but not limited to Giant Canadas, Old Squaw, Bluebills, Gadwall,  Blacks and Woody’s. The main reason for shooting at private farms is that waterfowl like to search for grain in different wheat, corn, soybean and other grain fields for food. Experienced guides can follow the party of hunters and guide them the best shooting on the shore.

Geese Hunting Apparrel

It is essential to bring the right ammunition and shells which include a 12 gauge shotgun and number one shells. In order to get the maximum out of your guided Canada goose hunting trip you must have the right camouflage outfit which is normally a dull green or brown coat and cap. You should also have waterproof boots which are of good quality and can withstand long wear while providing comfort. Of course don’t forget your camera to take shots of the beautiful duck, geese and other waterfowl flying in formation in huge numbers in the hunting area.

Canadian Geese Hunting Licenses

Of course in order to take part in the guided Canada goose hunting trip you must have licenses which may be of various kinds like the non-resident seasonal hunting license, nonresident waterfowl special three-day license, Federal wildfowl stamp all hunter and hip permit which is free with all licenses. Generally the stamps and licenses are available in the surrounding sporting goods stores where you plan to hunt.

Canadian Geese Hunting Season

Hunting season normally starts in October and the flock of waterfowl, goose and duck remains in these locations for the whole of winter, hunting season is fairly long and picks up from the first week of September with guided and semi-guided hunting trips available from reputable outfitters. You must also check the kind of decoy’s which are available at the outfitters or perhaps purchase your own. A well made decoy will be able to attract even the most alert Greater Canada Goose which has become quite accustomed to identifying a regular flock from a decoy over the years. It seems that the population of the waterfowl, duck and goose has been on the increase year on year providing even amateur hunters with the opportunity to test their skills and master the art of hunting these amazing birds with the sheer number of birds working in favor of the hunters.

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