Palomino Belgian Horse

Interested in the Palomino Belgian horse? Read our information guide to get an overview of this giant horse in its trademark color.

Known for its strength and heavy weight the Belgian horse has longed labored hard on the fertile farm lands of Belgium. It has become one of the most popular draft horses in the world over the years. People have developed a passion for the different colored Belgian horses amongst which the Palomino Belgian horse is one of the most popular choices.

Most people are familiar with the Belgian horse in its Palomino color. So much so that the Palomino Belgian horse has become the trademark color of Belgian horses. The Palomino horse has a medium brown monotone shade running over its body. The color literally shines off the smooth skin of the big horse giving it a glossy look.

Blonde Belgian

The appeal of the Palomino Belgian horse is further enhanced by the contrasting blonde tail and mane. This is what gives the horse its personality. The bushy blonde hair looks best when it is left to grow to a comfortably long length. It is an extremely light blonde which has a tendency to appear as all white from a distance. This contrasting combination makes the Palomino horse look as elegant as ever and it is in this combination that the Belgian horse is most widely recognized.

Booted Horse

The Palomino horse also sports a set of blonde boots on all fours. This unique color coding gives the horse a complete suited look making it look as graceful as ever. Unlike some of the other varieties of the Belgian horse the palomino has the same color running through on its face with the exception of the black nose leather.

Characteristics of the Palomino Belgian Horse

When you compare the head of the horse to its massive body it appears to be slightly smaller than what would have been completely proportionate. The shape of its head is remarkably refined and the Belgian horse is renowned for the intelligent expression that it has on its face.

Contrary to its huge size the Belgian horse actually has a very docile personality. It is known to be kind towards its masters as well as others of its kind. You will hardly find these big beasts getting into a quarrel. This pleasant nature of the Belgian horse makes it extremely easy to handle.

The Palomino body seems as though it has been carved out with a chisel as it displays a robust muscular physique. The muscular build of the horse is what makes it a superb working horse. The use of the Belgian horse is today not just restricted to toiling in the green fields. Rather it is used in racing, jumping, and dressage, endurance, riding and even showing.

The Palomino has a mane of thick blonde hair covering its rather slim neck that makes it look very pretty. When it comes to judging the worth of the Palomino the more prominent the white markings are the more worthy the horse is believed to be.

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