German Officer Daggers

Researching the German Officer Dagger? Learn more about the German officer daggers for the Air Force and SS…

The German officer daggers were issued to military and police personnel as required. One of the scarce and rare German model officer daggers include the SS 1936 Chained Officers Dagger. It has a beautiful chained scabbard and is maker marked with the code RZM 807/37.

There are many images of this dagger available online and in research books. The reverse side of the blade has the maker marking while the top carries the usual motto of ‘Meine Ehre heißt Treueetched’ in German, which was the standard motto for all officer daggers. When we analyze the front, the grip and the rear we find that there are no markings on the cross guard. This dagger is in near mint condition and there are only moderate signs of paint scraped off from the scabbard due to bing carried for a long time. Apart from this there is a slight damage to the fittings, chains and the tarnish. The chain carries the maker mark for the SS dagger on the back of one plate.

Chained Officer Dagger

Another SS German chained officer dagger comes with the scabbard and is considered the proper no maker marked blade. The top side of the blade is marked with the basic motto ‘Meine Ehre heißt Treue’ in German. Again there are no markings on the cross guard but the dagger is in near mint condition.

Damascus Blade

The German Luftwaffe chained officer dagger is classified as the Damascus Blade, which is also the first model Officer Dagger for the German Luftwaffe. It comes with the leather hanger and chain as well as a scabbard. There are signs of routine use all over the blade and the dagger scabbard. Even the leather grip shows some slight usage, and a few scratches are evident on the pommel and hilt. The swastikas have near perfect gilt on them. While the blade is in excellent condition, it has just a few spotting signs and markings because of being pulled out and retracted into the scabbard. The German scabbard on the dagger is in good condition and shows very minor wear from age.

A slight crack is evident on the reverse side of the drag and the original leather hanger comes with the ring. There are double twisted wire wraps in pairs which are complete and intact. The aluminum chain hanger is maker marked by GES. GESCH however, the blade carries a very unreadable and worn out maker mark.

Luftwaffe Aviator — German Officer Dagger

The chained dagger and scabbard of the German 1st Model Luftwaffe category has minor wear and tear on it with the scratches on the pommel, hilt and leather grip. Even the swastika has worn out gilt on it while the blade is in near excellent condition.

The fittings have darkened from age and you can see the fraying from field carry. However, the silver bullion portapee is original and still present on the dagger. The blade is not maker marked with the chain hanger is maker marked by GES. GESCH.


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