German Shepherd Attack Dogs

Need information on German Shepherd attack dogs? Learn more about the role of the German Shepherd guard dog and its popularity since the 19th century…

The German Shepherd is a large and strong animal which was developed in Germany. It was initially developed as a dog for herding the livestock. However, its characteristic traits of strength and loyalty were noticed by the law enforcement agencies. It was soon inducted into the police force to provide personal protection to patrolling officers. They proved to be very helpful, especially at night time, and made good companions for the police officers.

The courage of these fierce dogs was noticed by the law-enforcement agencies and soon they became popular elements in France, Hungary and Austria as well as Germany. There was a lot of money spent on the training and development of these dogs.

Characteristics of the German Shepard

The German shepherds are extremely loyal and when trained under certain people they are capable of protecting the person. They are used mainly as attack dogs and are trained to control the public and people with the process of bark and hold. These large and ferocious dogs are actually very non aggressive and have a good temperament.

However, when they perceive a threat they will become very protective of their companion. This characteristic has been audaciously cultivated amongst the pure bloodlines and has been retained specifically for guard dogs and police dogs.

Rights and Status of German Shepherd Cop Dogs

Not only are some of the cop dogs sworn in as police officers, they are given their own badges. If they are killed in the line of duty they are given a police funeral. Furthermore, in order to protect their lives most of the dogs are equipped with bulletproof vests. In case the dog is taking care of its puppies or becomes old or sick it is retired. It is a felony in most areas to kill or injure a police dog, and a person can be prosecuted on these grounds.

Military Performance of Attack Dogs

The German army was known for its ruthless use of the German shepherd and the American soldiers were very enamored by its performance. Basically its reputation was cemented during its performance in World War I and World War II. The American soldiers who returned home had many tales to relate about the attack dogs utilized by the German army. This increased the popularity and awareness about German shepherds who were eventually utilized as attack dogs and for personal protection. The most famous dog which was first imported from Germany after the World War I was Rin Tin Tin.

The German Shepherd has a very keen sense of smell and was trained to search for missing military personnel during the war. They were involved in many search and rescue operations. As guard dogs they were used to patrol the base camps during the war.

This dog, having a keen sense of smell and hearing, would alert the patrolling officers well in advance of any approaching threat. In order to protect them from the attackers some guard dogs have even been given bulletproof vests.

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