Fate Korean Movie

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The highly action-packed movie directed by famous Korean movie maker Kim Hae-gon stars two popular Korean actors known as Song Seung-heon and Kwon Sang-woo.
This action movie runs for approximately 123 minutes in the 35mm format and was released in March 2008 to popular acclaim in South Korean cinemas. Leading action film maker and director Kim Hae-gon seems obsessed with serving up large helpings of violence and heart-pumping drama in this action-packed movie.

The two lead characters have been carefully cast to utilize their strengths to the maximum in their different roles. This comes out very clearly in the film where both are gangsters, but with significantly different moral values when it comes to making money the wrong way.

Synopsis of the Korean Movie Fate

Focusing on the criminal world in Seoul the movie reveals the ravages faced by four gangsters and friends based on their escapades in the dark, underground criminal life followed by gangsters in Seoul.

The four friends are defined using the following characters: U-min played by leading Korean actor Song and his friend Cheol-jung who is played by Kwon. The other two gangsters, Do-wan played by Kim In-kwon and Yeong-hwan played by Ji Sung makeup the other half of the group of gangsters.

The story unfolds with an action-packed scene where these four friends gang up with an older member known as Gang-seop played by leading senior Korean actor Ahn Nae-seong. The aim of these five gangsters is to rob another gang’s casino and get enough money to start their lives over.

However one of the gang members and their friend Cheol-jung betrays the other four and the whole plan falls apart. The character playing the lead in the movie U-min, is imprisoned as the fall guy who saves the rest of his friends and the older gang member by becoming the scapegoat.

During his stint in prison he decides to stay out of the criminal underworld. However, he sees the success of the greedy and powerful Cheol-jung who continues to betray other people in his thirst to reach the top position as a gangster. U-min is slowly dragged back into this troublesome life to save his friends.

Unfortunately as is the case with the dark world of crime, one of his friend’s Do-wan ends up as a drug abuser whilst the other friend and senior gang member Gang-seop goes missing.

The girlfriend of the lead character played by Park Han byul has also ditched him to become a bar hostess in the gang leader’s bar. As the protagonist tries to resolve the issues and make sense of his life the many twists and challenges actually lead to misunderstandings. To further complicate matters the right-hand man of the current gang leader is his former friend Yoeng-hwan. Both the friend and the boss entrap U-min in another massive drug deal.

The plot actually develops so that all the characters become involved into a high-stakes game, which involves a lot of cash and high personal risk. However, this time round the two best friends have to fight it out against each other to ensure the survival of the fittest.

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