German Shepherd Dog Paintings

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The German Shepherd was originally developed in Germany. It was a very popular breed of dog because of its work ethic and amiable characteristics and temperament. There are different posters and paintings for German Shepherd dogs to commemorate their character and love reflected by people who own them. Not only can you get the painting but also indulge in T-shirts, gifts and propaganda posters.

German Shepherd Art
German Shepherd Art

Themed German Shepherd Art

Interestingly enough there is a German Shepherd revolution theme where the dog is shown as the master of the house. The title of ‘Obey the German Shepherds’ is printed under the picture of a dog. It has red and yellow stripes in the background and creates an imposing picture. Printed as a very large and imposing poster it is a tribute to the German Shepherd.

A beautiful German Shepherd painting shows the dog lounging in a landscape in the southwest. Created by artist Carol Lynn Nesbitt, the painting has the dog nestled in flowers and has a very soft expression on his face. Available without the frame this painting can be purchased online or in the stores.

Another print by Michelle Noe shows the German Shepherd in a regal position with a red halo around his head. The acrylic painting is available in 14 x 14 canvases and can be framed upon request.

For fashion forward people there is a painting that depicts the canine on the runway. The black-and-white painting comes unframed and has been created by photographer Miki Klocke. The imposing German Shepherd walks the ramp with the commanding expression on his face.

Faithful Dreams

The paintings by Tracy Allyn Greene are printed on canvas. The painting entitled Faithful Dreams shows German shepherds sleeping peacefully on a cushion. It pays tribute to the loyalty and protective nature of the German Shepherd.

Paws Up

Another interesting painting is titled ‘Paws Up’ and focuses on the dog reaching up in the air with both its paws stretched out in the air and moving upwards. Painted by Melissa McDaniel, this print can be framed upon purchase.


Focusing on a charming two-year-old German shepherd, the painting by Victoria Smith entitled Troy is dedicated to the dog she interacted with in a dog show. Created in colored pencil the size is 10 x 12″ and can be framed upon request.

German Shepherd and Butterfly

An endearing German Shepherd dog painting titled the ‘German Shepherd and Butterfly’ was created by Carol Lynn Nesbitt. It follows the pop art style and is a very colorful print showing the playful nature of the German Shepherd.

For those fond of folk art, a patriotic poster of a painting is available that shows the German shepherds sleeping on a background of the USA flag. Even though the dog is German in terms of its origin, it has been accepted and adopted in America and even called the American Shepherd at times. A painting by Alison Leete show the beautiful German Shepherd pausing to listen to something during his walk amid tall grass on the green summer day as the morning mist engulfs the scene.

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