Mexican Wrought Iron Furniture

Are you looking to decorate your outdoor area with something stunning and classic? Mexican wrought iron furniture offers a timeless look that will suit any garden, and give it that touch of rustic charm. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Wrought iron furniture is simply divine, with its grainy texture and lovely curves. Traditionally in black, this type of furnishing looks stunning in an outdoors setting, and is much more durable in weathering conditions than its wood counterparts. Wrought iron is also used for larger projects such as bed frames and headboards, boasting its ability to be versatile in any area of the home. This versatility also shows in the malleability of the material, meaning that the design ideas are endless. The rustic looking curvature has echoes of the outdoors, and the slender yet strong components exude an air of elegance.

Wrought Iron Substitutes

Wrought iron itself is usually not used to make wrought iron style furnishings, particularly since the production of wrought iron was ceased entirely in the 1970s, and steel became a commercially more viable option. Most wrought iron style furniture is made from a steel alloy that maintains the grainy texture and characteristics of traditional wrought iron, but is cheaper to manufacture and generally a little lighter in weight. These days, synthetic resin substitutes are also available in the wrought iron style, and these tend to be extremely lightweight and durable, and also very cheap. Furnishings that are claimed to be genuine wrought iron are often either vintage or reworked from wrought iron scrap. Most, however, as mentioned before, are labeled as wrought iron, but are made from mild steel.


Often when Mexican wrought iron furniture is used as a small 2 person al fresco style setting, it can also include vibrant mosaic tile patterns imbedded into tabletops and chair seats, as a rustic accent that draws the eye. Often, mosaics will include strong teal and turquoise color schemes, as well as bright yellows and greens, to contrast starkly with the black iron frame. Tiles are also a common theme, and leather can also be an accent feature.

The frame itself can sometimes come in different colors such as white and tarnished green, which can give a slightly different rustic effect than the straight black. There has also been some popularity in having wrought iron parts to an otherwise wooden furnishing, for example having beautifully curved legs with a robust wooden tabletop. This harmonizes perfectly with the wrought iron look fittings that usually adorn wooden Mexican furniture. The wrought iron style has also maintained a continued status as a timeless choice for household accessories, including but not limited to candelabras, hooks, wine racks, lamp bases and wall hangings.

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