Mexican Cake Decorations

Mexican cake decorations are an easy and fun way to instantly give any cake that wonderfully laid-back Mexican look, as well as being a fun and colorful centrepiece for your special celebration. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Cake toppers are fun thematic decorations that are usually not part of the cake itself, but placed on top of the cake. They do not necessarily need to be edible, however, there is a venerable art in creating any cake topper with edible ingredients. Depending on the climate, especially hotter climates where edible pieces may melt, and the type of topper being made, there are several different types of edible recipes that are typically used to make cake toppers. These include marzipan, gum paste, pressed sugar, royal icing and fondant. Plain or colored fondant is available to buy in specialty shops, and there are also recipes for each online. Often, specialty shops will also stock ready-make cake toppers that are already made from one of these types of malleable ingredients, and also sometimes in wax to give it a fondant-type look without deteriorating.


There is an art to piping, which requires adequate piping tools and plenty of icing sugar. Piping with different shaped piping tools will create completely different looks and shapes, including flower shapes, leaf shapes and lace shapes. Frilly or scalloped edging is a fantastic way to tie in with the Mexican fiesta look, as it resembles the edging of Mexican paper decorations, or papel picado. Edging and borders are also a great way to make the cake look more visually appealing, since the eye is naturally drawn to framing.

Mexican Cake Motifs

It’s pretty clear that the secret to decorating a Mexican themed cake is in the creative ingenuity of the cake maker, and how well they use the above techniques to come up with a showpiece cake that has that distinct Mexican look. Master cake decorators are well versed in the art of cake decorating, but ordering a custom-made cake can sometimes cost a lot of money. If you are thinking of perhaps making your own cake, here are some suggestions and ideas of Mexican motifs to get you thinking.

– Cacti
– Sombreros
– Maracas
– Mariachi band
– Mariachi band instruments
– Papel picado patterns
– Mexican flag
– Zerape blankets
– Talavera patterns
– Chillies
– Poinsettia
– Mexican sunflowers
– Mexican petunias
– Corn chips, tortilla etc
– Desert color themes
– Fiesta color themes
– Cake writing in Spanish
– Donkeys
– Scorpions, snakes, desert animals
– Miniature tequila bottles
– Sun and flower motifs
– Day Of The Dead decorated skulls

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