German Shepherd Mix Puppies

Looking for mix German Shepherd Puppies? Learn more about the different options available for German Shepherd mix breeds…

When looking for German Shepherd puppies there are certain basic considerations in choosing the right pup for the family. It is possible to find different breeders which provide high quality German shepherd mix puppies.

These are advertised online and exclusively promoted by reputable breeders who control the bloodlines to ensure that the characteristic traits of the German shepherd are retained in the litter. Different leading kennels from across the world specialize in supplying the needs of the German shepherd enthusiast.

Mix Breed German Shepherd Puppies

When it comes to the variety of German shepherd mix puppies’ one popular line is the Czech Line for German Shepherd Puppies. These are generally available for sale at the age of four months. The bloodlines can be traced back to the East German imports bred with Czech dogs. These puppies are generally very dark sable or medium sable at adulthood. The Czech line is very playful and does not have a personality disorder. The big boned dogs are highly stable and stay happy, looking for a good companion. They can be trained very easily and are confident dogs. The line has been carefully tested for the disabilities which are common in poor breeds, such as disjointed hip or paling of color.

The litter of the Sire Darko Vant Enclavehof is also available for sale and this is a certified import from Belgium and Genna Vom Leerburg.   The parents of this litter are rated well with OFA for the hips and are available guaranteed that they will be healthy.

The mix German Shepherd puppies are very versatile and can also be used for sporting activity as well as personal protection. Most of the puppies have a very strong and playful drive along with fighting ability. With a keen sense of smell they can also be conditioned as trackers and help in police work. It is a good idea to go for puppies who have been brought up in a caring environment. It is essential that they are exposed to the natural environment, and that they be provided stimulation with adventures, activity and different toys. The puppies offer great focus and sharp minds and have excellent temperament therefore making them very good house pets and show dogs.

How to Evaluate German Shepherds Puppies

Before looking at the temperament of the puppies it is best to spend time with the parents which have sired the litter. This will give you a good insight on the kind of traits that should be available as an adult dog in your puppy. If both the sire and dame are comfortable and not aggressive then it is a good bet that the pup will also follow the characteristic.

Furthermore, the parent should not be shy and timid but instead be bold and friendly with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Since the young pups are very tiny and vulnerable the dame will generally be very protective and possessive. It is a good idea to spend time individually with each parent to assess their characteristics in terms of behavior. Once you like the temperament of the parents you can start looking at the puppy.

Go for one that is moderate in terms of temperament and does not appear to be a bully nor be very timid. Another insight into the characteristic traits and the temperamental leaning of the German Shepherd puppy can be assessed by looking at the interaction of the breeder with the dog.

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