History of Native American Indians

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The indigenous peoples who were the original inhabitants of North America are referred to as Native Americans. These people had a tribal life culture within which they were divided into different tribes based on lineage, ethnicity and geographical divisions.

With the arrival of the colonial powers a clash of ideologies took place between the original inhabitants of America and the invaders. With religious institutions being challenged and technologies being exchanged America became the melting point for two of the most diverse cultures in the world.

However acceptance was not easy to come. The Native Americans experienced years of conflict before they could adjust to the New World Order. As it is religious customs and sacred traditions were a big part of the Native Indians lifestyle. In fact it was what their life revolved around.

Native American Struggle

The Natives were used to living a hunting and farming lifestyle and had a set of values totally different to that of the Europeans prior to their arrival. Long lasting cultural conflicts developed between the two groups as alliances shifted from one nation to the other.

After a long struggle America became independent of British power. Then the new government of America initiated a movement to civilize the Native Americans so as to say. In some cases certain groups of Native Americans were expelled from their homelands such as those of the American Deep South.

By the time of the American Civil War hoards of Native American nations had moved over to the west of the Mississippi River. The time period of the Indian wars saw major resistance from the Natives which lasted up until the late 1890s.

Why Native Americans are Called Indians

The term Indian is generally used for people originating from the country of India in Asia. However the Native American Indians have no link with Asia whatsoever. It was Christopher Columbus who headed out on a voyage to South Asia but landed up on America instead and coined the name Indians for the local people.  This apparent mistake was soon realized but the name coined by Christopher Columbus remained.

With the passage of time there has been an attempt to develop a sounder name for the original inhabitants of America as they have no link whatsoever with India. This is the reason why you find them being referred to as Native Americans in recent times. However there is a problem with this name too because generally anyone born in America is a Native American. Hence the name Native American Indians remain.

Today the Native American Indians have developed quite a unique relationship with the United States of America. They have retained their tribal and nation structures in part and are also part of the official government of the United States. Their culture still flourishes and has in fact received mass exposure with the advancement in technology. They have also come to be featured in silver screen flicks and television programs.

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