Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies

Looking for Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies? Read on to learn more about the interesting breed of long hair German Shepherds…

German Shepherd puppies can be found in long-haired version. However these are not purebred German Shepherds and are mixed with collies to create long-haired coats. They look pretty much like the Siberian Husky.

Long-Haired German Shepherds

The long-haired German Shepherd is a very large dog and has a straight back when compared to the original and authentic dog in this breed. They do not have the exaggerated back angle of the regular German Shepherd. The size and beauty of these animals is magnificent.

Social Skills

This breed is very obedient, lively and friendly with visitors and family members alike. The social skills of the dogs are well developed because they are crossbred and constantly relate to people who visit to purchase the puppies.

In order to ensure that the private breeders of long-haired German Shepherds are working accurately make sure that you check their research on genetic and health issues. They work closely with veterinarians and if a breeder is qualified in training dogs it becomes easier to choose a puppy from that kennel because the canine will be suited to home placements.

When choosing a long-haired German Shepherd puppy, ensure that you get to meet the canine individually and try to meet the parents. You will be able to discern the different characteristics by meeting the parents individually and seeing what you like in them. If you are pleased with their temperament then it will be easier to choose the puppy from their litter.

Mixed Bloodline

While the long haired German Shepherd looks different, since it is crossbred with a border collie the breed has a mixed bloodline and therefore the characteristic traits also change. Most of the long-haired German Shepherd puppies are very feisty and active and can get along well in an active person’s life. From going boating to car rides and swimming in a lake the dog is versatile and craves adventure. Perfect companions for adults, these large-size dogs are great for personal protection as well as family dogs.

The long haired German Shepherd comes in coats with sable color, pure white and black. Other then these colors, the coat may include reddish gold which is orange, and the black red combination is also possible. The other favorites include the black silver and black  tan combinations and the lovely black cream combo.  The silveror blue breeds are not acceptable even in cross bred dogs.

Health Statistics

The health statistics on the long-haired German Shepherd are also acceptable. These dogs usually turn out very obedient and therefore can be trained easily. They can be used for different purposes like personal protection or hunting companions. They are stunningly beautiful and very large with stable temperaments and immense confidence. The intelligent dogs retain the characteristics of the original German Shepherd but most of them have moderate drive as puppies.

The puppies are usually kept inside and are part of family homes. They are already exposed to the sounds and activities of daily living so that they are not alarmed by the noises of the television or people clamoring in the house. The puppies are usually released outside at five weeks and can play in the kennels to get familiar with the exterior world. It is a good idea to have breeders on your list that have different activities for the puppies. These should include sandboxes, slides and puppy ramps so that it is a hardy and healthy dog.

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