Post War German Army Belts

Post war German Army belts are an excellent collector’s item. Read our guide below for more facts and information…

During the 1930’s the Wehrmacht went through radical changes and was completely overhauled. The uniform had several variations due to the different circumstances in which they were to be worn like camouflage, winters, summers etc and there were a number of specialist uniforms too.

Post war West German uniform

In the 1950’s there were two variants of the “splinter” uniform for West Germany that was a four-color pattern uniform. From 1961 to 1990, they used olive green colored battle dress. Later, in 1976, the Flecktarn pattern was chosen. Its issuance was initiated from the mid- 1980’s.

Post war East German uniform

The first pattern for the East German Army was the Russisches Tarnmuster that was actually Soviet “amoeba’ patterns. This pattern was later replaced by Flächentarnmuster pattern. Later, in 1965, the Strichmuster pattern was introduced. This pattern was a straight line and two color pattern and this remained till the reunification.

German Army belts used in WW II

During WW II, the enlisted men in the German Army wore various belts as their uniform. The “German Army Steel Belt Buckle” was made from steel and the buckle had “Gott Mit Uns” engraved on it that means “God is with us”. This belt buckle comes in silver and green colors, just like the color worn during combat operations. The “Blue Belt Buckle” is painted in the typical Luftwaffe blue that was especially renowned during  WW II.

The Early Luftwaffe Belt Buckle has a pebbled buckle for the belt that has the “droop tailed” Luftwaffe eagle. The “German Heer Belt Buckle – Superior” was worn by the NCO/EM pebbled aluminum belt with the inscription “Gott Mit Uns”.

“Heer Belt Buckle” was worn by the enlisted men serving in the German Army in WW II. This was an aluminum buckle inscribed with “Gott Mit Uns”. The “Luftwaffe Belt Buckle” was an aluminum belt buckle worn by men serving in the German Luftwaffe during the WW II. This buckle featured the famous Luftwaffe eagle.

The “Hitler Youth Belt Buckle” was an aluminum belt buckle with the “Blut and Ehre” inscription meaning “Blood and Honour”. It has M4/23 and RZM stamps on the reverse.

The “Waffen-SS Officers Silver Belt Buckle” is a silver die-struck belt buckle with fine detailing and the makers stamp is embossed on the reverse. This buckle is worn with a Waffen-SS Officers belt.

The “German DRK Doctors Belt Buckle – Superior” is a pebbled aluminum belt worn by the German Red Cross Doctors. It has the inscription of “’Ges. Gesch.1′ (Protected by law)” on the reverse and the “eagle” on the front.

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