Italian Horn Pendants

What better way to showcase you traditions and latest style all in one go? Wear an exquisite Italian horn pendant and be the centre of attraction. Read all about Italian horn pendants and where to buy them in our information guide.

Italian horns have long been associated with having protective qualities as well as bringing good luck to the wearer. Although, several ways of wearing this charm are available; be it earrings, charm bracelets or brooches, yet the oldest and the most favorite still remains the same. The Italian horn Pendants!

Italian Horns

Italian horns have been popular since ancient times. People at that time strongly believed in the evil eye superstition; a superstition which was thought to cause harm to your sexual powers & fertility, fruit bearing trees, harvest producing fields and milking animals all because of jealously. This evil eye was thought to be warded away by wearing these Italian horns. The Italian horns were considered sacred as they belonged to the moon goddess, who was widely respected and highly regarded in Italy and Europe. By wearing these horns, it was believed that a person comes under the direct protection of the moon goddess. When Christianity took hold in Italy, the moon goddess was replaced by the Virgin Mary, but the respect the horns enjoyed continued to be the same and it is still the case today. In fact, many people wear them along Crosses to have double protection against all kinds of evils.

Italian Horn pendants

Italian horns are best loved in the form of pendants. They have a shape of a twisted horn of an animal and are pretty to look at. Even if you are not an ardent believer of the evil eye superstition, you can still wear it as a style. And most importantly, it shows that you are proud of your heritage and culture.


Italian horns were traditionally made in silver as silver was closely associated with the moon goddess and was considered to be sacred as well. Natural corals in the shape of horns were also worn as Italian horn pendants. Italian horn pendants can be worn with every kind of outfit and can blend with any style. These days, a number of materials are used to make Italian horns. Yellow gold, white gold, platinum and diamonds are also used apart from the traditional silver and natural corals. Yellow gold is by far the preferred material these days. In yellow gold, mostly 14 carats are being used for Italian horn pendants. It provides durability and easy maintenance.


The prices of these lovely pendants vary depending on the sizes of the pendant and the materials. They are an ideal choice as gifts and are bound to make that special person so happy. They have miniature sizes as well for children. Some varieties of small Italian horn pendants are also available which can be worn in chains and can be dangled in the charm bracelets as well. So, if you are planning to present a gift to charm some one special or wish to protect your self, Italian horn pendants are definitely the right choice!!!

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