Avon French Manicure Set

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If you have always desired to get beautiful French manicured nails, but you do not want to take that chance for the first time because it is costly to get them done at the beauty parlor then Avon French manicure set is just the thing to start off.

For someone who is trying to experiment with a French manicure, this moderately priced French manicure set by Avon is the perfect way to get you started on this beauty procedure. Of course as a novice you might not get the perfect ten when you try it out for the first time but with a little practice you can get just the perfect result with neat looking fingernails.

Avon French Manicure Set Contents

The product from Avon is called the Avon French manicure set and is packed in a plastic box with the instructions drawn on the back. The box contains a 12 ML French white nail polish bottle, a 2 ML peach nail polish bottle and 36 white sticky tabs.

Avon French Manicure Set Directions

The white sticky tabs allow you to demarcate the tips that you want to paint with the white nail polish. It is quite easy to use the kit and you can apply it as follows: simply peel off one white sticker for each fingernail, and stick it on each individual fingernail. Your tip should be exposed because this is where you would use the white nail polish.

Apply the white polish in neat strokes to the nail tips only. A good idea is to keep the nail polish brush steady and move your finger across the nail polish brush to get a strong and neat stroke. Wait for the white nail polish to dry completely, and then gently remove the stickers. For a complete finished look, apply the peach nail polish over the entire fingernail to create a finished manicured look.

The Avon French manicure set allows you to get the most economical French manicure you can do at home, and you can replicate a French manicure on your nails approximately 4 times if you use the stickers with care. However, do take a lot of care in removing the stickers because the white tips can smudge easily.

Avon is quite popular for its nail wear which is considered good value for money and the application is very easy leading to a long-lasting nail varnish. With the popularity of the French manicure being spurned by the likes of fashionistas and supermodels along with actresses, this French manicure is essentially a low maintenance but visually agreeable form of nail grooming. The best thing about using the Avon French manicure set is that you can practice to get the perfect manicure at home for a very reasonable price.

With the growing popularity of the French manicure, the Avon French manicure set can be found in a variety of colors, starting with the traditional beige overlay, followed by the peach, pink and lilac nail varnishes which allow ladies to choose a color to match their mood and outfit. The beige nail polish gives a natural finish to the nails while the other hues make them more festive and eye-catching.

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