Italian Chef Clocks

What would be your reaction when every time you looked at the clock to see the time, a very smiley face greeted you? You would undoubtedly smile back. This is what happens when you use the traditional Italian chef clock in your kitchen.

Kitchens need not be only practical and no fun. These days a large variety of kitchen decors are available. Italian chef décor is one of them, which makes your surroundings cheery and pleasant. The Italian chef clock is one of the various accessories available to buy. If you need to know more about Italian chef clocks, do read on….

 Italian Chef Clocks

Time is probably the most important thing in the world. And to keep track of time clocks are essential. Clocks help you stay on time for everything; especially in kitchens, they help you time your cooking and baking. So, for an accessory in such constant use, it is definitely worth an effort to choose a clock that is not only useful but is pretty to look at as well. Proper placement of your clock is one point never to be missed. There are two kinds of clocks; wall clocks and mantle piece clocks. What ever your choice may be, it is essential to place your clock in such a way that it is easy to see them from every direction. Proper placement of the clock helps in better utilization of your clock. And if that accessory is in accordance with the rest of your kitchen décor, it gets even better. The traditional Italian chef is portrayed as a friendly, short, fat guy with a beautiful smile. Everyone is simply in love with that image. A kitchen filled with an image that radiates and sends positive vibes all the time is definitely a pleasant place to be in.

Choices you have…

If you have already decorated your kitchen in the traditional Italian chef theme and are planning to buy a clock that fits in with the décor well, here are some of your many choices.
• You can find an Italian chef wall clock with pictures of one or two chefs in the background and the numbers showing hours all around them. Such a wall clock comes in various designs and colours, with different shapes of the clock. The clock can be oval, round or square shaped as well.
• In some clocks, a clock can be found in the Italian chef’s large belly.
• You can also find clocks in which the Italian chefs are cooking underneath the clocks.
• In some clocks, Italian chef is bending over to look at the clock himself.
• Pendulum clocks in the Italian chef theme are also available.

Materials & Prices

These clocks are available in various materials. They are mostly available in ceramics and stone ware. Their prices although vary according to sizes, designs and the materials used, but on average you can find some of these clocks beginning from $ 11 up till $ 20.

However, pendulum clocks in Italian chef themes are a bit expensive. Their average prices are around $ 30. So, what are you waiting for?

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