SS German Daggers

Interested in the SS German Dagger? Learn more about the SS German daggers which are maker marked and highly valuable…

When it comes to the SS German daggers you can find great authentic maker marked 1933 German SS daggers that are marked by HERDER. One of the best examples of the German SS dagger is the Herder model. It has an interesting black anodized scabbard. This dagger is maker marked in 1933 on the reverse side of its blade. The top of the blade has the regular motto in German script ‘Meine Ehre heißt Treue’. The Lower cross guard is marked with the ‘II’ marking in a horizontal manner. You can see very slight signs of wear on the scabbard and there are light markings on the finish and the tarnish of the dagger. There is a slight dent on the drag of this dagger. The black modified scabbard of the Robert Klaas German SS Dagger is maker marked on the blade on its reverse side. On the top of the blade you will find the standard model of ‘Meine Ehre heißt Treue’ etched on it. The cross guard is marked with a horizontal ‘I’. There are long marks of the carriage on the black scabbard which has minimal tarnish on the fittings and slight wear to the finishing.

German Carl Eickhorn Dagger

The SS German Carl Eickhorn Dagger has a black enamel scabbard along with a black leather hanger. Carrying the squirrel mark of Carl Eickhorn Solingen, the dagger is maker marked on the reverse side and carries the standard motto of Meine Ehre heißt Treue etched on the top. The side of the cross guard has the marking of ‘III’ while the lower cross guard carries the ‘8’ mark. A significant chip is evident on the lower guard over the black wood, and since it has been used for a long time there are signs of heavy use acquired from long carry.

Mint Condition NPEA German SS Dagger

Another mint condition German dagger is available NPEA style. It is considered very scarce. This particular dagger doesn’t have its own scabbard but the blade is maker marked By Karl Burgsmüller Berlin. This maker marking is evident on the reverse side while the top has the standard etching of the German motto of Mehr Sein als Scheinen. One of the specimens available for sale is available in absolute mint condition and the original leather washer is even intact and complete on the dagger.

188/35 RZM German SS Dagger

The black enamel scabbard of the German SS 188/35 RZM is available in good condition. The blade is maker marked on its reverse side while the standard ‘Meine Ehre heißt Treue’ motto is deeply etched onto it on top. On the side of the cross guard you can find the marking of “I” while the wood grip in black shows some signs of routine wear due to carry. You can see minor scratches and wear on the finish while the fittings are slightly tarnished.

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