Budapest Museums Castle Hill

Are you going on holiday to Budapest? Would you like to know what museums are on Castle Hill in Budapest? Our guide to Castle Hill museums in Budapest gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Castle Hill is the name given to a stretch of land about 1km long, located about 170 metres above the western banks of the River Danube in Budapest.  This part of Budapest gets its name from the castle that was built on the hill here in the 13th century. Castle Hill is one of the best places in Budapest to come to for sightseeing and has a wealth of interesting and diverse museums, some of which are mentioned below.

Ludwig Museum on Castle Hill Budapest

The Ludwig Museum on Castle Hill in Budapest is one of the best museums in Hungary that deal with modern Hungarian art. There are regularly new exhibits added to the displays from contemporary artists as well as a good collection of modern art from elsewhere in Europe. Among some of the art on display at this museum are the works of Andy Warhol. This museum on Castle Hill is located inside one of the wings of Budapest Castle.

Telephony Museum on Castle Hill Budapest

As the name suggests, this museum deals with the history of the telephone, from its inception to the most modern technology. Even if you’re not particularly interested in telephones, the building in which this museum is located used to be an old monastery and some of the original architecture has been preserved. This museum is located at number 49 Uri Utca.

Military Museum on Castle Hill Budapest

The Military Museum is a fascinating place to visit if you are interested the history of the several wars that Hungary has been a part of over the past several centuries. The museum itself is located in a large white building just off Capistrans Square on Castle Hill.

Commerce & Catering Museum Budapest

This museum doesn’t sound particularly fascinating but in actual fact has some interesting exhibits on a subject about which we should all be interested in; food.  This small museum on Castle Hill is located at number 4 Fortuna Utca.

Music history museum Budapest

Although Hungary is not especially associated with a particularly large contribution to the world of music, Hungarians appreciate music greatly and practically any genre that was created outside Hungary is represented to some degree inside the country. This museum tells of the development of music in general, although there are exhibits dealing specifically with Hungarian music.

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