Horseback Riding Iceland

Horseback riding tours around Reykjavik are an excellent holiday choice. Everything from horse riding lessons to extensive Icelandic horseback adventure vacations can be found. For reviews, tips, facts & information read on…

Iceland is renowned as one of the most spectacular horse riding sites of Hidden Trails which range from horse roundups to the rugged mountain treks. It is a country destined for adventure and exploration given the volcanic stones, glaciers, seashores, valleys and forests. Its true beauty can only be appreciated once you book a horseback riding tour.

One of the leading tour operators in Iceland is Ishestar. They have been operating since 1982 and are known for their emphasis on quality service, safety and sustainable tourism. They offer countryside tours, highland tours and autumn tours.

Best Time To Travel

One can easily go on a day ride on any day of the year. While shorter riding trips lasting two to four days are held from March to October and have a longer season. Longer riding tours are organized during Iceland’s peak summer season from June to mid-August.

It is best to choose and select your horse riding tour according to your fitness level. Some choose a 5-6 day ride; beginners can opt for shorter ones with 2 day rides whereas the pros can go choose the extensive tour which includes 10 days of horseback riding and exploration.

Golden Circle Horeback Tours

The best way to visit the hot springs of Geysir and Golden Waterfall-Gullfoss is to take a ride through the countryside of South Iceland.  This tour is popular among families and beginners as it only requires basic knowledge of horsemanship. Yet the riding days can be long so one should be in good physical shape. The tour can be booked as a five day tour with four riding days at a total cost of 1598 EUR.

Iceland Horseback Adventure Holidays

This tour is ideal for the outdoor person with some riding skills and good stamina. Tolt, the special gait of the Icelandic horse will cover parts of the tour, while some areas are covered by walking the horses in between. You will see the Geysir Hot Spring area and Gullfoss Waterfall, and a visit to the historic Thingvellir is due on the way to Kjóastaðir Farm.

Ishestar Horse Riding

On Ishestar’s 30th anniversary, a tour to the Snæfellsjökull National Park was launched for people older than 55 years. The tour takes you through lava fields and valleys, bird cliffs at Arnarstapi and the shark museum in Bjarnarhöfn. Not only does this tour offer great riding routes but includes great sightseeing as well. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

These are just few of the many exciting tours that are offering you a golden opportunity to explore the beauty of Iceland via horseback riding. So select a destination and get going!

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