Icelandic Cardigans

Looking for the latest and most comfortable Icelandic cardigan patterns? Icelandic cardigan sweaters use only the best wool to provide great warmth. For tips, reviews, facts & information read on…

The designs of the Icelandic cardigans and sweaters are inspired by the beauty of the magnificent landscapes, the decorative art of Iceland’s history and the glorious heritage of European textiles. Today the Icelandic sweaters have gained a lot of popularity and have attracted a loyal following of women for whom the artistry in knitwear has become an essential part of their wardrobe.

There are many varieties that are available in the market for Icelandic cardigans. Each comes with different styles, textures and material. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Traditional & Modern Wool Cardigans

These cardigans have a round neck which is hand knitted with the traditional Icelandic sweater pattern. They have gained popularity in the last decade and are now included in the trendiest items around. “Lopapeysa” or the Icelandic sweater is available in three designs including cardigans which are hooded, zipped or buttoned. Also most Icelandic cardigans are available as knitting kits.

Mens Wool Pullovers & Cardigans

There is a wide variety of cardigans available for men some of which are hand knitted by the Icelandic housewives. This traditional Icelandic knitwear is known for the good quality. These cardigans and hand-knitted wool sweaters come in the modern as well as the traditional Icelandic knitting pattern.

Custom Made Wool Cardigans

Now Icelanders have the opportunity to make their own woollen pullover or cardigan sweater! Most designs are by the well-known Icelandic designer, Vedis Jonsdottir. Your sweaters are made according to your measurement in order to give you the perfect fit for your hand knitted woollen sweaters. They are made from Iceland’s finest wool from Istex which come in the traditional designs and knitting patterns of Icelandic woollen sweaters.

You also have the option between double or triple knitting yarns. The triple wool yarn is the traditional way and makes the cardigan thick to keep you warm when outdoors. The double knitting yarn is the modern style to knit, it makes the cardigan soft and lightweight while being warm at the same time. Icelandic cardigans and knitwear are renowned for their quality and hand knitted woollen sweaters and cardigans will last you for years. So just pick your favourite and enjoy the winters.

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