Bass Fishing Trips Mexico

Are you thinking about a bass fishing trip to Mexico? Want to know where to get the best bass fishing packages for Mexico? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Mexico has long been a popular destination for bass fishing trips for people from all over the world. Bass fishing trips to Mexico are particularly popular with tourists coming from the US. This is because the proximity of Mexico to the US makes it easily and cheaply accessibly either by plane or by car. Once there, Mexico is a fishing paradise and has the perfect infrastructure to make an excellent fishing trip.

Bass Fishing Lakes in Mexico

Mexico has several huge lakes that are famed for their bass fishing. Some are well known, popular and can get crowded, while others are more off the beaten track and provide idyllic surroundings in which to take your bass fishing trip. The sheer number and size of the bass fish that get caught in the lakes of Mexico is what makes a fishing trip here so attractive. Speak to anyone who has been bass fishing in Mexico and you’ll hear tales of dozens of catches per day and sizes that will impress even the most experienced fishing enthusiasts.

Bass Fishing at Lake Baccarac

Lake Baccarac is one of the best places in Mexico to go on a bass fishing trip. It has traditionally been one of the lesser known and least visited of Mexico’s lakes for bass fishing fans. This is primarily because it’s highly rural surroundings made it hard to get to; however, once there the bass fishing is second to none. Lake Baccarac, which is located in the centre west of Mexico, has recently been opened by new transport links including a highway nearby that makes the lake a lot more accessible. This has meant that the lake is starting get more popular with people on bass fishing trips and reports so far have been good. Fishing trips to Lake Baccarac in Mexioc are usually longer in duration than other places due to the fact that it’s slightly harder to get to yet definitely worth staying to enjoy once you are there.

Fishing Trips to Lake El Salto

Lake El Salto has traditionally been one of the more popular destinations for people from the US coming to Mexico on Bass fishing trips. This means that the infrastructure here is good with plenty of hotels and other accommodation options as well as entertainment venues nearby. The fishing is said to be good al year round although the summer months are said to be the best in terms of weather.  Lake El Salto is situated about 10 km north of the Mexican city of Mazatlan and is easily accessible by road. There are various packages on offer depending on the length of your proposed fishing trip in Mexico. A fishing trip can last anywhere from one day up to a couple of weeks and the longer you stay, the cheaper your daily rate will be. All inclusive bass fishing trips include English speaking guides who’ll show you the best spots to cast your lines, as well as organize your Mexican fishing permit. If you go at the right time of year ou can also enter the annula bass fishing tournament.

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