Icelandic Wool Slippers

Looking for the perfect pair of Icelandic wool slippers to keep you comfortable and protected from the harsh winters? Icelandic slipper boots are world-renowned for their warmth & comfort. For tips, reviews, information & facts read on…

Acorn Slippers

Acorn Slippers have been around for years and they have been loved by people all over the world. It has catered to every trip whether it is a family camping trip or sleepover part, acorn is known for providing utmost and unmatched comfort to its customers.

Acorn Polar Moc for Women – Icelandic Blue

They are made from soft and warm polar fleece with Polar moc that has moisture wicking microfleece lining. The Icelandic blue from acorn enhances comfort by keeping your feet warm and cosy. The acorn slippers polar mocs are extremely cushy, lightweight, soft and comfortable making you feel as if you are barefoot.  The latest 2011 Icelandic Blue pattern is similar to the popular Indigo Aspen Polar Moc pattern. They are soft and have warm fleece which is fully lined to keep moisture away from your feet. They have durable suede sidewalls and come with a raised heel to allow support and stability to the user. They will ensure that you don’t slip as they have weatherproof outsoles for indoor and outdoor wear. Furthermore, the slippers have loft acorn memory foam midsole over comfort cushion layer of featherweight EVA. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle and tumble dry low is recommended so that your slippers can last long. Their price is $ 33.99.

Acorn Polar Pairs – Icelandic

These Polar pair acorn slippers are the latest improved version of the Polar Pairs Indigo Aspens Print which was discontinued. It comes with a print that satisfies all acorn enthusiasts and is bolder than before. It comes with a Rib knit cuff, Suede sidewall and outsole for soft and durable comfort. These are the perfect solution for those who do not like slippers with rubber outsoles. There are unisex sizing for males and females. Their price ranges from $35.99 to $37.99.

The acorn slippers are the perfect choice for those looking for Icelandic slippers that not only provide comfort, keep the feet warm and free from moisture but also have a design that add to their style.

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