Icelandic Wool Socks

The perfect accessories to keep you warm through the harsh winters are the Icelandic wool socks. Read our guide for more facts and information…

There are various brands that are customized to meet the needs of the customers. One of the most popular brands is JB Fields which offers a wide range of Icelandic wool socks in varying textures, features and colours.

JB Fields Below 30 Classic Icelandic Socks

They are made with Pre-Shrunk Merino Wool which is of the finest quality and it is machine washable that provides extra warmth due to the deep terry pile it is knitted into. They are 70% Merino Wool & 30% Nylon and have wool features such as colourfastness, shape recovery, breathability and wrinkle resistance. A special feature is their ProtecGuard® anti-odor protection which prevents the growth of bacteria that causes odor. Furthermore they have X-Hi Cushion which is a full terry cushion to provide greater comfort, warmth and protection. For extra protection it is recommended that a sock liner be used as well. They are available in over seven colours and cost around $17 to $19.

JB Icelandic Below 50 Ice Sock

These are another pair of Icelandic woollen socks that are part of the JB Fields range. They are also made from Pre-Shrunk Wool for easy care which is wool that is versatile as it keeps warm when in cool weather and cool when warm. Also the fibers act as pockets of air to insulate naturally, this way you will stay dry and will not feel chilled because the wool takes away moisture from the feet. They are made of 85% Pre-Shrunk Wool & 15% Nylon and are suitable for extreme weather. This pair is available in beige colour and has extra warm wool cushion for added comfort. The price is around $27 to $28.

J.B. Icelandic Artic Trail Below 40 Sock

The -40below Artic trail is another pair which is one of the warmest socks that keep feet comfortable even in extreme temperatures. It has 85% wool and is especially suited for people who need to wear socks and keep their feet warm and dry in extreme weather conditions.

Sock liner is again recommended to help keep moisture at bay to leaving feet smelling warm, fresh and blister free. Like other pairs of JB fields it has Anti-Odor ProtecGuard® and X-Hi Cushion. It comes in beige and green at a price of $25.

Those customers who are unsure of which socks to buy are advised to buy the Below 30 pair as they are much comfortable and softer due to the Merino wool that they are made from. Although the Below 40 and Below 50 socks will you keep you warmer inside but they were originally designed to be worn outside as rugged socks in boots. So know your usage before you buy Icelandic wool socks.

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