Stubben Icelandic Saddles

The Stubben Saddle Company is renowned for crafting quality horse riding gear. For a summary of Stubben Icelandic saddle reviews read on for facts & information…

The range of Stubben Icelandic saddles are designed in collaboration with Mr. Benedikt G. Lindals who is an expert trainer and a leading figure with more than 35 years of experience on Icelandic horses.

Stubben Saddle Tree

The models are made on a modified spring tree that extends over a longer surface and its deepest part lies further back than that of a traditional Stubben tree. According to the Icelandic breed, the tree has special panels and flaps which are customized to provide and ensure high level of comfort by being suited to the different motions of the gaited horse. Those with non-gaited horses do not need to worry  as their Icelandic models can be used for them as well. They provide comfort and ease to the trail and the long distance rider.

Stubben Saddle Sizing & Identification

Stubben produce a range of horse saddles in various sizes which can easily be identified by their specific design characteristics. It must also be noted that the Icelandic saddles have different fitting procedures.

Adventure: This saddle has features that make it unique among the Icelandic saddles and is suited to have an ‘adventure’. It comes with a jockey skirt that is contoured, padded and is to be free and clear of accessories. Also included is a well cushioned front and a substantial block covered, adding to this two toned saddle’s perfection.

The Icelandic adventure saddle comes with the Biomex seat and standard wool flocking equipment. Other features include D-rings in the rear, long billets, a gusset panel, stirrup leather location which is hidden and a crupper loop.

Icelandic Focus: The Focus has full doubled leather and is built on a flat seat tree. This deluxe Icelandic saddle comes with high knee rolls and an embossed seat logo making it perfect for pleasure or competitions.

Icelandic Elegant: This is a flat seat version and is a traditional saddle for competitions. Its shallow seat allows greater range and ease in movement. The sports saddle design can change the position of the seat without affecting the horse’s movement or its natural tendency to move forward. The elegant Stubben saddle is available in a RS version with a quilted seat as well.

Icelandic Comfort I: This Stubben model comes has a half deep and built-on quilted seat along with a long panel which is fit for trail riding and allows the rider to spend many hours in the saddle. It is featured in black.

Icelandic Comfort II: This Icelandic model is identical to the comfort I yet the only difference is that it comes with a flat and shallower seat. Due to the positioning of the seat, this model allows more freedom of movement. It is also featured in black.

Icelandic All Round: This model is an all-purpose saddle and fits the needs of beginners as well as experienced riders. It is built on a half deep seat as it is aimed to provide support through its secure seat. Given the wide range of Stubben Icelandic saddles available, you can now choose one based on your needs.

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