Panorama City California Homes For Sale Real Estate

Interested in Panorama City, California homes for sale real estate? Read our guide for facts and info on real estate homes for sale in Panorama City, California…

Panorama City is one of the finest places to look for homes for sale in California. This district is situated in the San Fernando Valley, which falls within Los Angeles. With Arleta to its north and Van Nuys to its south, along with North Hills on its west, this district is easily accessible from all around.

Why Look for Homes for Sale in Panorama City?

This particular district is one of the best planned districts of Los Angeles. Henry J. Kaiser is credited for doing a fine job with the planning of this city. This made it into a bedroom community for individuals and families working in downtown LA and Burbank. There is plenty of industrial activity in the region itself that provides ample employment opportunities. The largest assembly plant of General Motors and the Schlitz Brewery are amongst the grand production facilities of Panorama City.

Another prime attraction of Panorama City is The Plant, which is a grand size commercial center comprising of local and international eateries, retail stores and boutiques.

What kind of homes for sale can you find in Panorama City?

As mentioned above, this district has been planned almost to perfection with low scale affordable homes ideally suited for single families. The bulk of the property is available in the form of small single-family homes. You will also be able to find a variety of low-rise apartments that are an even more affordable option.  Not many people are interested in looking for luxury homes in this part of LA. This is why you will be able to find very few properties in this category. The bulk of the real estate here is in the form of humble and affordable accommodation.

Buying a Home in Panorama City

During the initial years of the district it was forbidden for any non European American to purchase real estate in the community. This restricted the real estate market. It was in 1977 that this law was repealed with the Community Reinvestment Act was passed. Following the implementation of the act, people from all races and income groups could purchase newly built homes in the region. A similar process was witnessed in many other districts of San Fernando Valley around the same time.

Panorama City has experienced staggering development in recent years. With a large number of commercial centers and industrial enterprises springing up, this district is slowly turning into an economic powerhouse. At the same time it has managed to retain its humble stature largely due to the intelligent planning employed during its initial years.

All the above mentioned factors combined make Panorama City a great place to acquire affordable single family homes and apartments for families.

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