1873 Indian Cent

Are you out to collect the valuable 1873 Indian Cent? 1873 Indian Cents are very hard to find in the market. The antique value of 1873 Indian Cent is unimaginable. It is essential for you to get the original and reliable Indian cent to adorn your col

Commonly known as Indian Head Pennies, Indian Head Cents, or simply Indian Cents were originally designed by the coin designer James Barton Longacre. These Indian cents were released during 1859 to 1909. These cents were cast in San Francisco and Philadelphia.
Do you know why the Indian cents are called Indian head cents? One side of the Indian cents had been designed majestically with the inscription of the head of the Lady of Liberty. The head was featured in the coin as facing left in a Native American head dress.

The word Liberty was written across the band. The Lady of Liberty was circled by the wordings “United States of America”. It is believed that the praise worthy coin designer Longcare got motivated and inspired from her daughter and used her as a model to design the features of the coin, but there is no definitive confirmation for this story.  The other face of the coin read “one cent”. In the first release the denomination one cent was encircled by a laurel wreath. But in the following years, the laurel wreath was replaced by oak wreath, to show the authority. Later a heraldic shield was included in the top and arrows were placed in the bottom of this face.

All through the years from 1859 when it was initially struck to the year 1909 when it ceased, the design and style were not varied. The Indian cents were manufactured until 1864 using a mixture of copper and nickel- the same material as Flying Eagle Cent. But later, only copper was used to make the Indian cents. 1873 Indian Cent, hence, has coin color brown as it was made out of copper.

1873 Indian cent is a marvelous piece with all these historically valued pieces. These are available very rarely now. It will be a valued addition to any coin collection. Would  you like to be the prestigious owner of this world renowned rare memorabilia?  Each of these pennies now costs in the market more than $25. Considering the antique value of this piece, you will never find it too high priced. It is worthwhile to get at least an 1873 Indian cent in your collection whatever the cost is. You can proudly display this valuable coin as the jewel in your coin collections. The distinguished position and the value of this coin is unmatched in any sense.

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