Russian River Rafting California

Russian River rafting is an adventurous activity, with cool forests, shadowy redwoods and meandering waters along the sunny vineyards, which leave a mark in one’s memory. Read our guide for more facts & information on Russian River white water raft

Rafting, also called whitewater rafting is an adventurous recreational activity, wherein an inflatable raft is used to navigate rivers or water bodies. For the past four decades, this outdoor activity has gained popularity as a leisure sport. Rafting on the Russian river is a challenging adventure, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Russian River Watershed and rafting

The Russian River starts from the east of Mendocino County’s Willits, goes through the Healdsburg town, and turns west to the Pacific Ocean. The river running from Coyote Dam to Jenner by the Sea, along the California coast offers fishing possibilities. The secluded region starting from Sonoma County’s Healdsburg offers adventurous rafting opportunities with spots to stop for swimming, playing on rope swings and watching owls, herons, egrets, ospreys, ducks and kingfishers.

There is always sufficient water to float, and winter storms raise the water levels to a dangerous run. On the north of San Francisco’s Bay Area, the Russian River offers a glimpse of Californian history, via historic towns and farmlands. It is close to highways and roads, yet retains the pastoral charm of Northern California. Riverside towns, vineyards, bedrocks and ranges dotted with Redwood and Douglas Fir pose a beautiful landscape.

Rafting expedition on the Russian River

Rafting is an energetic activity, requiring strenuous rowing to paddle with oars along the river. Rivers are classified with regard to a few factors such as river flow, hurdles on the riverbed and the swiftness and strength of rapids. The classifications range from Class I to Class VI. Higher classifications indicate tough rapids, more hurdles and challenges. The Class I rivers are recommended for children, elderly people and novices. The Russian River along Healdsburg has slow-meandering waters and could be dangerous during winter storms. The rivers at Russian Karelia are more or less plain without mountains, but have rapids, fast currents and sharp turns, with a few waterfalls along the way.

Safe Russian River rafting

Every person who participates in a rafting trip should abide by safety regulations and instructions from the guide.  Going alone on a rafting trip is never advisable, hence it is good to use outfitters having experienced guides. Paddling jackets, wet suits, strong shoes and wool socks, with warm clothes underneath, are advisable during winter, while nylon clothes and slippers are suitable for summer. The life jackets and helmets provided for the trip should be worn. Personal articles like cell phones should be kept in the dry bags provided. Most trip organizers also provide shuttle service from the rafting area to the parking lot.

Russian River rafting is indeed a perfect mix of picturesque sceneries, laidback culture, greenery and captivating redwoods and vineyards. Though the task is challenging it is a relaxing venture, allowing one to rediscover nature.

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